National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 04/1986


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
4/30/86 23:00Kleinmachnow/Berlin (Germany)GermanyCylinder10 min.Ich wurde beim Fernsehen gestört,als plötzlich ein grelles Licht in mein Zimmer schien,meine Tochter und rannten nach draussen... WIr s12/19/03
4/21/86 18:30Marysville (Plumas Arboga Road)CAUSAWe saw a 3 foor diameter glowing sphere hover over water, land and then straight up to the sky.4/27/07
4/18/86 21:30ManistiqueMIUSAFormation15 minutesI looked up and see a for Marion of lights in the sky. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
4/15/86 21:50LafayetteLAUSALight1 minuteA sighting of four bright objects seen performing unusual maneuvers with no apparent change in speed.9/17/00
4/15/86 17:00HaywardCAUSADisk10 minutesFather in-law was outside smoking. He observed something in the sky, he then called out for us to come out and tell him what he was see4/18/12
4/15/86 15:00LubbockTXUSAOther5 minutes2ft Square , 5 Sided Black Box5/11/05
4/15/86 00:30Julian (near; bordering Cuyamaca Forest State Preserve)CAUSAOtherapp.4 1/2 hrs.My husband and I experienced 2 glowing orbs (1 red at one end 1 blue at the other with us in the middle) approximately 50-100 yards apa4/2/99
4/12/86 13:00Oak LawnILUSAOther20 minutesA silent motion drone craft appeared in my house. It was similar to a top and the color was similar to amber .5/2/03
4/11/86 04:00Aswan (Egypt)EgyptDisk1 hourSky show of approximately 30 ufos 'cavorting'for 1 hour over Nile river at Aswan,Egypt.6/2/98
4/10/86 12:00Palm Springs (outside of)CAUSADiskfifteen minutesLost four to five hours2/18/01
4/4/86 23:00KnoxvilleTNUSARectangleweekSaw one large ship during the day around noon hovering over the trees, it look like Battlestar Galactica but it was grayish with multic5/15/06
4/2/86 21:30Mt. GileadOHUSAOval2hr8min3 objects circles ,figure 8 , R/L, up/ down unreal speed no noise stop in place triangle formation4/27/03
4/1/86 22:15BrownsvilleTXUSADisk10 to 20 minutesUFO tries to communicate3/19/02
4/1/86 22:00Red Lodge (6 mi N; Hwy 212)MTUSAUnknown1.5 minDefinitely an aircraft but totally silent and very slow.1/11/02
4/1/86 21:00Tikva (near) (Israel)Israel - near Petach TikvaTriangleAbout 5 minutestriangular craft with red pulsating triangle of lights - seen in Israel6/12/07
4/1/86 14:30ChicagoILUSASphere10 secondsSOCCER-SIZED CRYTAL-LIKE SPIKED BALL, Easily Missed If One Is Not Looking Directly At It.2/1/07
4/1/86 02:00Blacktown (suburb) (Australia)AustraliaTriangle2-4 SECONDSSTRANGE TRIANGLE WITH LIGHT TRAVELLING AT FAST SPEED LOW ALTITUDE AND NO SOUND12/16/05