National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 11/1985


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
11/26/85 04:30Eatonton (near)GAUSADisk1 hourI was returning from deer hunting in PA. It was the Tues morn after Thanksgiving 1985 around 430 am. I was riding along Ga rt 441 south11/2/04
11/25/85 00:00EdnaTXUSAUnknown4 minutesnothing on military or commercialcould move that fast from a stopped position1/21/08
11/20/85 22:30Big Cane (Plaucheville area)LAUSALight6 SECONDSA bright light traveling east to west followed by a green waving light, followed by a smaller white light. The objects were close toge4/2/99
11/20/85 04:18Cedar GroveWIUSASphere10 minutesA large greenish Orb is sighted near Cedar Grove WI early in the AM 11/20/85 for aprox. 10 minutes by two witnesses8/5/01
11/20/85South MilwaukeeWIUSALight8 to 20 secondsTwo massive booms which shook the windows followed by a bright light wich flew across sky then reversed course headed back the way it c2/16/99
11/15/85 20:30Vernon ValleyNJUSAOther5 - 10 minutesAn alien looking in at me from outside when I was 5.10/11/05
11/13/85 20:00SacramentoCAUSAFormation2 minutesA glowing, moving line, going from W to E, which when observed thru binoculars resolved into disks.1/21/08
11/10/85 19:00Lou Costello Recreation Center (Boyle Heights)CAUSACircle20 secondsIt was at night and dark, I had just completed coaching a flag football game. I was in the southeast corner of the park and the park 1/28/99
11/2/85 01:00PattersonNYUSACigar15 minAs traveling North on Route 22, NY approx town Patterson, my son and I had stopped to see this object with colored lights, traveling ve5/11/05
11/1/85 20:00PlanTXUSATriangle10 MinutesBlack Triangle over North Texas Circa 1985, 198612/12/11
11/1/85 18:00East London (South Africa)South AfricaSphere5 secondsFlourescent Orbs5/29/12