National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 05/1985


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
5/30/85 00:00MiddletownNYUSARectangleapprox 2-3 minutesRectangular object, 3 contiguous sections; the outer 2 sections a dark green, the inner a brighter lighter green.3/21/03
5/25/85 21:30BethelCTUSATriangle10 minutesTriangular lint formation over Bethel, CT.6/20/19
5/23/85 09:00Little RockARUSACircle10minThis is not something I take lightly.4/1/01
5/16/85 22:30BakersfieldCAUSAOther20-30 secondsI was driving a waivy road, not much lights. Suddenly a big path with gate entrancejust open about 30 feet in front of me. I made a com7/17/15
5/15/85 02:00Watson Lake (Canada)YKCanadaDisk10 min.Prof. trucker sees 150' disc w/ "fluorescent orange" overtake him, stop. He shines light on it, calls w/ CB. Obj. rose, disappeared.9/6/02
5/15/85 22:00TempeAZUSASphere20+MinUnexplained light cast into otherwise dark area blasts out of sight.12/12/11
5/15/85 20:00ClarksburgWVUSACircle2 minutesLarge Disc hovering over a National Guard Armoy for 2 minutes then gone.10/11/05
5/15/85 17:00Beaver DammWIUSACigar20 minutersI saw craft hovering, then a cloud of smoke and then it was gone. I was a teenager iceing on Beaver Dam Lake.6/12/08
5/14/85 20:40Santa ClaraCAUSAOther45 secondsLarge round glowing circle size of a new moon3/4/22
5/12/85 20:00AltoonaPAUSADisk5-10 minobject that hovered above me in the night sky with multi colored lights going around it.1/31/11
5/10/85 06:00MagnaUTUSASphere15 seconds25' mirror ball traveling 60' up at 300 mph on a clear morning. passed about 100 feet from us .11/21/10
5/8/85 21:30OrlandoFLUSATriangle<10 minutesTriangle shaped dark craft hovers and then flys off at phenomenal speed2/18/13
5/1/85 21:00Wiseman's View (Brown Mountain)NCUSACircle2 minutesA large bright light like the moon. But down in the woods.11/2/04
5/1/85 20:30LanettALUSALight10 secondsIt came, it saw , it left but where did it go or come from?8/24/10
5/1/85 19:00Grand IslandNEUSASphere20 - 30 secondsI was a hovering sphere over the corn field near my house.6/12/08
5/1/85 17:30FallbrookFLUSACircle15 secondsI was driving home into the apartment complex that had an entrance ramp at about a 45% degree looking up towards the sky and I saw a br8/27/20
5/1/85 17:00North MiamiFLUSACircle45 seconds3 Large circular objects over North Miami2/14/08
5/1/85 14:00Santa CruzCAUSAOther10-15 secondsThis took place at the campus of UC at Santa Cruz ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of YO-3A?? PD))5/11/05
5/1/85 13:00MilwaukeeWIUSALight20 minutesThis was many years ago but this is what I can remember. I walked up to an open field it was a nice clear day.2/27/14
5/1/85 13:00HarrisburgNCUSALight10-12 secUltraviolent,High velocity,silent light emitting no vapor trail or atmospheric turbulence related vapor.3/7/00