National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 07/1983


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
7/31/83 17:00London (UK/England)United KingdomDisk1-2 minsflying saucer over waterloo bridge london6/20/05
7/28/83 14:00Faibourne (UK/Wales)United KingdomOther4secGrey square object made up of small square objects, moving through the sky at speed, daytime6/9/09
7/27/83 21:00San AntonioTXUSACigar15 MinWe saw a cigar-shaped, craft with pulsating green, red, and yellow lights that defied normal earthly aircraft movements.1/22/04
7/24/83 20:47CromwellCTUSALight10Was driving home from work and noticed what I thought was a plane in the sky and I realize it wasn't flying like a plane would fly. It3/31/21
7/23/83 20:10BedfordPAUSALight10 minutesFrom that same area smaller whites numbering 12 one right after another appeared. (("Starlink" satellites??))4/9/20
7/23/83 20:00MorgantownWVUSACircle10 minutes20 light dots leaving a bright dot or star in the western sky and all moved evenly spaced. (("Starlink" satellites??))((anonymous))4/9/20
7/20/83 22:30Goldens BridgeVAUSAChevron30 minutesImmense Chevron Hovers Silently Over I-684, the wingspan eclipsed the 8 lane highway, shoulders and maybe another 50-100ft further10/10/11
7/16/83 16:27CamdenARUSACircleAmazing3/4/22
7/15/83 22:00Little FallsNJUSARectangle8 minutesLarge craft, silent and slowly moving forward directly above the car5/24/99
7/15/83 22:00TaylorvilleILUSADisk1-2 minutesUFO SIGHTED UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL IN TAYLORVILLE, IL.3/19/02
7/15/83 21:15PoughkeepsieNYUSAOther3 Minutes1500-2000 foot UFO seen above Mid-Hudson Bridge by Poughkeepsie, NY in July 1983.6/18/04
7/15/83 20:00EdisonNJUSASphere30 minuteswhile driving, my friends girlfriend said, hey, look at that! we all looked out the window and into the sky ,where we saw a sphere shap7/5/08
7/15/83 19:00Fair LawnNJUSASphere2 minutesA large Frisbee-shaped craft high in the sky with a series of green lights pulsing from front to back.1/21/08
7/15/83 18:30Moreno ValleyCAUSAChanging1hr so farBright light seen hovering and when look at through binoculars it was seen morphing into different shapes and lines.3/13/12
7/15/83 18:00Lake CityFLUSATriangle7 MinsBright Light approx 3 miles able to get under it with sunroof open3/4/03
7/15/83 18:00Grand PrairieTXUSAUnknown6 MinutesUFO cloud/Hollowgram seen over Dallas Texas in the 1980's4/14/09
7/15/83 13:00HighlandINUSADiskFishing in a pond, I believe was call Optimus Lake that has long since been covered over, in Highland Indiana just off of Indianapolis4/15/16
7/15/83 10:00PhilippinesPhilippinesDiskin god we trust3/19/09
7/15/83 05:30HollywoodFLUSAFireball1minuteThe object was bright yellow and had stopped it's verticle descent with no apperant decelleration, it's horizontal acceleration was ins1/19/05
7/15/83 02:00MeansUSATriangle2 minIt was a late, dark summer night on a dirt road in a holler in Menifee Co, Ky. Mid July in 1993 at roughly 2 AM. No lights anywhere exc8/16/21
7/15/83 00:00VanderbiltMIUSAOther15min-?Swirling inverted black-hole cloud with a brightly lit center and whisps of clouds and lightening coming from the center of the mass.8/28/02
7/15/83SavannahGAUSARectanglesecondsI saw a rectangular shaped vihicle similar to a construction crane flying above the clouds and then vanished.1/5/11
7/14/83 00:30Nelson House (Canada)MBCanadaUnknownhalf an hourWhat I saw was the darkest, crystal eyes I have ever seen!7/16/03
7/10/83 21:00Mountain HomeIDUSAOval15 minThere was 6-7 oval, pure white objects of about 30' X15'.One circled my car twice and then shot away.11/3/05
7/10/83 20:00New York City (Bronx)NYUSAFireball5 secondsFireBall in the Bronx...... Early 80"s2/1/07
7/10/83 20:00PortervilleCAUSA30 seconds((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness. PD))7/5/19
7/5/83 00:15Mt. VernonINUSAMADAR Event #175/4/18
7/4/83 21:00SharpsvillePAUSAOval2 minutesThis thing was absolutely huge and the lights were really beautiful and vibrant, not of this world11/20/01
7/3/83 00:00LumbertonTXUSADisk10-15 minsJuly 4th, 1983: disk shaped object with colored lights over Southeast Texas2/1/07
7/1/83 21:10PittsburgKSUSAFlash1 minuteA large lightening bolt appeared to come out of a white truck horizontally and strike a power pole.10/20/05
7/1/83 18:00WarwickRIUSADisk15 minutesLarge matalic disk shaped object hovoring over field, 30' from street, 20-25 feet off ground.9/30/13
7/1/83 15:00Sharps CreekORUSADiamond11;00pma incident with ufo in sharps creek oregon abduction!12/2/00
7/1/83 04:00StrandburgSDUSAFormation2-3 minutesOval multicolored object that had sharp-jagged twinkling lights around it. Green, red and gold lights.10/31/03
7/1/83 02:30Ft. HuachucaAZUSALight2+ hoursThe light was so bright, we could see the shape of every bone in our hands, almost like an x-ray.10/31/03
7/1/83 01:30SwayzeeINUSAUnknown30 minutesHovering green, blue, and yellow lights over a wooded area, landing, then taking off into the night sky.2/1/07