National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 05/1982


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
5/28/82 18:00Stewart State ParkORUSAFormation2-3 minutesGlowing, colored, 3 object, light formation, merging into one bright ball of white light, and then disappearing.6/12/07
5/20/82 20:00CheshireCTUSAUnknown20 minutesA sighting of the Hudson Valley UFO11/26/03
5/20/82 02:00SterlingKSUSALight?Light stayed at my window and I don't know how long. It looked like energy pure...7/25/04
5/18/82 14:00MarinCAUSADisk20 t0 30 secshigh speed objects over the ocean North of San Francisco4/25/02
5/15/82 20:00West Reno (out on old Hwy 40)NVUSAOther1 minuteLoud boom, so loud shook house. Went outside to see what happened. Saw hole in sky cover perfect circle. Moon in center of circle,full 3/7/98
5/15/82 19:00PUNE (India)IndiaCircle3 mins.I feel that the object was able to sense my mind, illuminated circular object, parabolic motion5/14/02
5/15/82 16:00DetroitMIUSATriangle15 minIt moved like no other flying planes I've ever seen with quick and sharp movements, had not sound.11/21/10
5/15/82 04:30TullahomaTNUSAOval15 minReddish orange oval object that hovered over and dipped in front of my car during the 15 minute drive into town4/27/07
5/15/82 01:00SaegertownPAUSALight3 secondsThe 3 seconds of my life that has lasted 35 years1/15/18
5/15/82Beaver DamsNYUSARectangle15 minutesIt was very large rectangle shaped and made a loud noise like generators running.5/22/15
5/13/82 02:00HoustonTXUSACigarunknownOutside my house after work smooking my pipe before going to bed9/9/22
5/12/82 21:50EdinboroPAUSAUnknown32 minutesTwo red probe crafts ascended into "mother ship". Mother ship ascended in altitude and release one of the probes and then lost visual.2/23/00
5/11/82 20:00PiscatawayNJUSADisk5 mintuesAir Force trailed UFO in Piscataway NJ 1982.2/14/08
5/9/82 20:00Longmont (south of)COUSADisk1-3 minHovering saucer8/5/01
5/7/82 20:00BonoARUSAUnknownAll of a sudden sleepiness, appesnece of memory, as if it were summoning them.1/3/01
5/7/82 16:30Fort CollinsCOUSAFormation1-2 minutesSmooth, silent and quickly moving formation of orange disks.12/9/03
5/5/82 00:00PoulsboWAUSADisk10 minutesStationary large saucer hovering above Bangor sub. base. 1982 or 1983-SHOCKING! YOU CAN CONTACT ME IF INTERESTED.3/29/18
5/1/82 20:00PiscatawayNJUSADisk15 minutesIn May 1982, I had a close up day light sightinh of a huge classic saucer shaped UFO. Neighbors also saw it. I reported it to the polic3/8/07
5/1/82 14:00Stuttgart/Augsburg (Germany)GermanyCylinder2 secondsI was driving south on the autobahn in Germany in the summer of 1982, somewhere between Stuttgart and Augsburg. Thick forest was on bo12/23/02