National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 05/1981


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
5/25/81 22:00EdmondOKUSALight1 minuteBright light traversed the sky then sped off at extreme speed. ((anonymous report))7/12/19
5/25/81 21:45PhilippinesPhilippinesLight10 minutesI was looking on the sky two lights moving slowly its look like they seeking each other.9/2/05
5/25/81 21:30EdmondOKUSALight1 minuteBright light traversed night sky then sped off at extreme speed. ((anonymous report))7/12/19
5/25/81 20:30Sierra Vista/Ft. HuachucaAZUSAChevron2-3 minutesWedge over Southern Arizona in 1981 blacks out sky4/27/07
5/21/81 14:30PensacolaFLUSADisk20 minutesHuge Saucer over Pensacola Pass.3/29/19
5/20/81 23:00HumboldtTNUSADisk10 minutesI SAW a saucer shaped space craft come right over the top of my house within throwing distance!6/12/08
5/20/81 22:00DurhamNCUSASphere5 MINUTESBig as a house & made no sound6/12/02
5/20/81 07:00StokesdaleNCUSACigar5 minutesCigar Shaped Object 30 feet above us glides over bus stop4/28/17
5/15/81 16:00Grass ValleyCAUSACigar3-5 secGrass Valley CA, early 80's - Silvery silent slow-flying torpedo-shaped UFO seen over tree-tops.11/16/02
5/15/81 02:00Twenty Nine PalmsCAUSALight29 palms usmcI was on guard duty on a motor pool late at night when i and a number of the marines that were around the area saw jeep start up by its12/9/03
5/11/81 23:00Warminster (UK/England)United KingdomCircle2 minutesHi, My signting was a long time ago (1981). Although at the time I went to the Police station and reported the sighting and told everyo10/30/12
5/10/81 21:00WayneNJUSAOvaldont knowOur story told as is that Night in the summertime9/28/03
5/9/81 00:00ScottsdaleAZUSAFireball4 hoursAn orange fireball above our backyard7/5/05
5/7/81 09:00Santiago (Chile)ChileLight02 minutosel unico objeto era un punto de luz blanco en una noche despejada del tamaņo de una estrella grande, luego de estar suspendida por un c4/9/04
5/1/81 20:00San DiegoCAUSATriangle1 hourI saw 5 UFO's this night, thanks to my girlfriend at the time who was connected to them. This was 1981. She took me out to watch them.1/28/99
5/1/81 18:30BoulderCOUSAFireball3 secondsWhile walking south a large comet like object swept out of the sky and turned horizonel at about a thousand feet from the ground and he2/16/99