National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 10/1980


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
10/31/80 05:25Virginia BeachVAUSAOtherStill In View When CalledThere were "two white lights, huge in sizeĒ like "two flares in [the] sky hovering," with "dogs howling" at the same time of sighting.3/19/09
10/29/80 20:00DetroitMIUSARectangle30 secondsTriangle shape object with flashings lights2/7/14
10/28/80 19:00Pepper PikeOHUSADisk2 hoursOur Close Encounter with a saucer shape disc in Northeast Ohio in 1980.6/24/15
10/20/80 21:00WinchesterMAUSARectangle20 minutesHuge rectangular craft with missing time6/25/20
10/20/80 19:00DallasTXUSATriangle30-45 minWe were in a boat fishing at Lake Ray Hubbard, heading toward north end of lake. We noticed an object hovering just above a water tower4/27/04
10/19/80 01:00Bald KnobARUSATriangle10 minORANGE TRIANGULAR CRAFT,NO NOISE11/21/10
10/15/80 23:00JonesportMEUSAOvalhour or twogreen gas sorta cloud very slow south to movement started from horison not much to say about it but it was witness at the same time by 9/13/02
10/15/80 20:00BoonvilleCAUSASphere5 minutesdigital rendering of sighting linked to 10/1980 "Boonville, Ca. 10/1980: just after dark, two orange glowing spheres, 200 feet from gro9/2/05
10/15/80 19:37Fince lake new MexicoNMUSARectangle48minIt was sitting in the field as I came around the bin in the road. It moved traword the road as I tried to pass under it.It would not li6/22/22
10/15/80 19:00Denham SpringsLAUSARectangle6 minutesFlying object observed9/24/12
10/15/80 19:00National ForestCOUSACylinder2 minutesA green pencil-like object appeared from behind one hill only to disappear behind another. From - Fri Aug 21 11:38:01 1998 Received: fr1/28/99
10/15/80 19:00AvonCTUSADisk1 minuteA huge lit-up craft various colors of lights at tree top level traveling at a very slow speed (10 mph) over our heads .3/21/03
10/15/80 14:00SandyUTUSASphere1min.Unidentified flying objects Investigations11/21/10
10/15/80 10:00Port TownsendWAUSACigar30 seconds3 silver, shiny, cigar-shaped craft over Discovery Bay, WA, hovered, accelerated at incredible rate, and disappeared.6/5/15
10/15/80 03:00GuntersvilleALUSATriangle10 secondsThe date and time is not exact. I was the shift supervisor at a chemical plant located on the banks of the Tennessee River. Mountains8/27/09
10/15/80 02:30ColumbusOHUSAFireball10 - 15 minutes12-15 white fireballs traveling north to south ashing off as they flew by, the episode lasted 10-15 minutes over rural Columbus, OH.1/22/04
10/15/80BoonvilleCAUSASphere5 minutesBoonville, Ca. 10/1980: just after dark, two orange glowing spheres, 200 feet from ground, 15 ft diam., 40 ft apart, 10 mph2/18/01
10/10/80 23:30ManchesterNHUSALight3 to 5 minA red glowing sphere stopped and watched me.11/21/10
10/10/80 22:00DallasTXUSAUnknown5 MinutesStrange shape shifting craft of pure light energy.10/28/02
10/10/80 19:00HoustonTXUSASphere3 minSphere, No lights, moving through neighborhoods above tree tops, over busy streets in Houston in 1980.4/16/05
10/9/80 06:45Wind LakeWIUSADisk30 minutesDisk hovering over field10/27/04
10/5/80 21:00AllensparkCOUSALight5 secondsBright white light moves in U-pattern, then fades out.11/11/13
10/3/80 18:00RichardsonTXUSADiamond10 minutesMy date, Sam, and me were lying on a blanket discussing outer space and how we would get to other planets. We were doing some serious 1/28/99
10/2/80 21:30IrvineCAUSASphere15 minutesDot of light making imposable turn7/4/12
10/1/80 23:00HomerLAUSADisk?bright light becoming near and more intense in rear veiw window of car1/3/01
10/1/80 22:00Jersey CityNJUSACigar2-3 MinutesBlimp shaped object with extremely bright lights hovered then rapidly dashed into the night's sky.10/20/05
10/1/80 21:00ShirleysburgPAUSAFormation10 minutesSometime during the late 1970-s and early 1980ís, I canít remember the time of the year. I was in my home in rural Shirleysburg, PA.5/13/12
10/1/80 20:00MountainboroALUSAFireball20 secondsBall of Fire that changed into a cone shape.7/4/12
10/1/80 01:30FremontCAUSAOther30 secondsA heavy rain night off work and was amazed how heavy it was raining, awake and looking out thru my skylight. Suddenly bright overwhelmi8/5/01