National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 09/1980


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
9/27/80 21:00St. PaulMNUSALight2 hrsufo encounter with missing time4/28/01
9/24/80 23:59Savannah/Register (between)GAUSATriangle5 min.very low , triangle shaped craft, with no sound8/5/01
9/20/80 22:00SamsonvilleNYUSADisk7 hours25 foot craft hovering above my house.9/2/05
9/20/80 20:30LouisvilleKYUSACircle15 minI did not know how to report so i found this sight i am now 52 and most passegers are in there 68 -70.2/14/10
9/18/80 04:00Pima (north of; on Indian reservation)AZUSADisk30 minutesBright object in the sky in remote arizona mountains.2/22/19
9/16/80 23:00Clinton TownshipMIUSAOval20 minCircular shaped craft with flashing lights.1/10/09
9/15/80 23:00BridgeportCTUSATriangle5 minutesI was sitting on my front porch and noticed a bright light in the distance over the trees. I mentioned it to my fiance and he said it w1/19/05
9/15/80 22:00Black Creek CommunityGAUSAOval3 or 4 min.Large, oval, bright orange object descending into woods.8/5/01
9/15/80 22:00TekamahNEUSAUnknown5 -8 minStandard running light, hovers, flies slow, climbs fast and absolutely no sound and no jet engines flames.8/24/10
9/15/80 22:00ElkoNVUSALight15 mins to 4 hrsSpotted aluminum-colored square-shaped blinking lights which disappeared, car stopped & red/orange ball followed us.12/19/03
9/15/80 22:00Dam B Lake (Just north of; ntersection of Angelina River)TXUSALight30 minutesTwo slow moving luminous flying craft observed along a high power transmission line in East TX.1/28/99
9/15/80 21:00Southwest HarborMEUSALight5 minsLarge round white light.12/19/03
9/15/80 21:00Fort WayneINUSACylinder1 minuteCrystal clear view of object-very mechanical and unimaginably fast.6/4/04
9/15/80 01:30Royal OakMIUSADisk20mtsafter leaving work at (15 mile and Crooks Rd)about 12:30am I travaled south on Crooks Rd for about 15 mts stopping for a red light at C9/2/05
9/15/80 00:30MaynardvilleTNUSALightfew minutesA late night viewing of a bright, white light during a camping trip leads to an unusual physical manifestation.1/11/02
9/14/80 19:00Todmorden (UK/England)United KingdomOther3/5 mins1 craft was seen at close range no more than 30 feet away looked like a hovercraft with a bank of dark black windows dull silver in col12/2/00
9/12/80 21:00Atlantic OceanNCUSALightone minuteFlying light flew across sky, stopped, zig zagged, turned red, then flew back up and disapeared.12/12/09
9/11/80UK/EnglandUnited Kingdom8 hoursthe sightings that are beeing reported today, I and my workmates saw back in november 1980. we saw one main sphere and others coming to4/13/10
9/9/80 20:30BrickNJUSAChanging10 minutesFive spheres witnessed in the evening sky in Brick, New Jersey.3/9/04
9/9/80BodenhamTNUSADisk19:00Disc shaped craft with flashing red and green lights in a circular motion noticed and witnessed going down. With a pulsating humming so6/7/19
9/8/80 06:00BrewertonNYUSAChanging36They're here.6/20/05
9/5/80 17:00Morgan HillCAUSADiskfifteen minutesufo sighting in small town on the busiess holiday weekend.11/21/10
9/4/80 17:30Orlando (South-southeast)FLUSARectangle10-15 sec.Saw a multi-colored, rectangular object flying through the sky from the NE to the SW...2/27/00
9/3/80 21:25Kansas CityMOUSASphere1 minuteSummer of 1980...First and thankfully last encounter. Kansas City, Missouri9/24/03
9/1/80 20:15HansvilleWAUSADisk20minSpotted glowing disks off to east over Mukelto area. They were pulsating. Suddenly flashed, blinked, rose straight up & half of them f4/26/00
9/1/80 17:00ConcordiaMOUSASphere3 secondsBall of light in Concordia, MO- 19807/4/12