National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 08/1980


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
8/30/80 20:00Llandudno (UK/Wales)United KingdomCircle15 minutesthere were lights on the object7/11/00
8/30/80 16:00Rush CityMNUSAUnknown30 minutesSpace suit looking things and object in the woods8/16/02
8/27/80 19:00DelranNJUSACircle10 minutesI was out back on this chilly night i was looking into the sky and i see this object not far away from me moving side to sideand stop t12/6/18
8/22/80 18:00KentWAUSATeardrop90 secondsAugust, 6 p.m., clear day, UFO at 1000 ft altitude, airspeed approx. 150 knots, circular, no sound, black color., six witnesses.,5/15/06
8/20/80 21:00Gifford Pinchot National ForrestWAUSADisktwo or three minutesWhite Saucer in the Gifford Pinchot National Forrest8/11/04
8/20/80 01:00EdwardsNYUSAChevron30 minThat is what struck me as weird and there was no engine noise.3/4/08
8/18/80 21:30ClarksfieldOHUSACigar4 MinutesLet me start by saying this event happened years ago but a friend just told me about your web sight. I was fishing with three friends a12/19/03
8/16/80 23:30Pine SpringsTXUSALight2 to 3 minutesA Falling Star That Changed its Mind because it went back UP!6/18/04
8/15/80 23:30DetroitMIUSADisk10 minDisc sighting in Detroit2/14/08
8/15/80 23:00GlenndaleMDUSACircle7-10 minutesWas 18 at the time, snuck on golf course to go bass fishing at night on course pond. While approx. 300 yds from pond.8/30/13
8/15/80 20:30ApolloPAUSASphere15 Minutes2 objects, one spherical and huge, the other even larger followed after only a moment or so. Second object appeared to be very high and2/16/00
8/15/80 20:00BendORUSAUnknown10 minutesBright round object seen at night, shot upward at a 45% angle, then got dimmer and dimmer until it faded away.6/12/08
8/15/80 20:00BricktownNJUSAFormation20 minutesFormation observed flying over Lakehurst Naval Air Warfare Station, Lakehurst, New Jersey5/15/06
8/15/80 19:00Banes (Cuba)CubaDisk15 TO 20 MINS.will never forget it.8/5/00
8/15/80 17:30ArthurNEUSALight15 min.arthur nebr lights!!!!!!2/18/01
8/12/80 22:00BandonORUSADisk4-8 secondsFather & son saw big glowing white disk approach thru clouds from S, depart thru clear sky to SW.8/5/01
8/12/80 19:00HonoluluHIUSArectangle5 minSaw large bus like vehicle1/28/99
8/12/80 17:45TauntonMAUSADiskunkowndisk witnessed by parents over taunton mass main street 198012/23/02
8/12/80 00:00Nevada CityCAUSAEgg30 minutes/30 seconds?Possible abduction.1/5/16
8/10/80 02:30Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaLight5 minutesObject seen manuvering around the area of Namaeo Airforce base from the vehicle I was a a passenger in. Estimated range was about 5 ki5/24/05
8/8/80 20:00TullahomaTNUSALightcoupla minutesLights forming a triangle in the sky10/11/05
8/7/80 01:00TillamookORUSARectangle2 minutesIt was big as a football feild with lit up windows, i could see movement inside, it was so low & slow i could see alot of detail.2/5/03
8/5/80 23:15GlennallenAKUSARectangle25 minutesUnidentified Bright Light Sitting On Road10/15/02
8/5/80 21:00MaricopaAZUSAOther20 minutesAugust 1980 HUGE, silent, boomerang craft in rural desert area south of Phoenix.4/27/04
8/1/80 23:30BremhamTXUSAChevron15-20 minobserved a very long craft with a cheveron front. Front of object had several dim lights, craft very large, moving slowly over pasture10/2/99
8/1/80 23:00BarringtonILUSATriangle5 secondsTriangle hovering over me then moved across sky11/21/10
8/1/80 20:00Kendall (S. Miami)FLUSACigar5 minutesFleet of silver-ish cigar shaped objects, one appearing after another and then disappearing.9/15/05
8/1/80 15:00Ormstown (Canada)QCCanadaTriangle2 minutesThough this happened many years ago, the incident left a lasting impression. I was sitting at my kitchen table around 3:00pm on a s3/11/06
8/1/80 08:00San AntonioTXUSADisktwo minutesI was coming home from the store. It was dark and I had parked along way from my apartment. As I was walking towards the apartment I9/2/05