National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 10/1979


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
10/31/79 00:00SpringfieldILUSADisk<5 minutesClose up with a UFO6/25/20
10/24/79 17:00ArcadiaLAUSADisk45 secondsobject moved from one point to another so fast that it looked liked there were two of them9/9/03
10/18/79 20:00HolmesPAUSASphere1 minuteIt was brown, covered in crators. Like a small moon. It was spinning like a bowling ball between 200 to 300 feet from the ground. It wa6/9/17
10/15/79 21:00Gig HarborWAUSACircle10 minutesGig Harbor visitors and subsequent regression2/18/11
10/15/79 19:35BemidjiMNUSAUnknown25 minutesUFO drone watching a football game.12/20/12
10/15/79 16:30Ellwood CityPAUSAUnknown15minWhat ever it was it knew I was their6/12/07
10/12/79 00:45BarnegatNJUSARectangle15 min.Iwitnessed one object moving east to west across Rt.539 4 mile north of Rt.72 near the Fire Tower. There were no cloud and the sky was9/2/05
10/10/79 22:00SecurityCOUSAUnknown30mins.very low clouds all different colors,search lights were seen shining down out of the clouds on the houses and streets. this event was s1/28/99
10/10/79 22:00Saddle Lake (Canada)ABCanadaTriangle4.5 or more min.Lights far above, that glance; then flee from the celestrialhavens, only to appear again.1/19/05
10/10/79 22:00San DiegoCAUSAOval3 minutesMy 2nd UFO sighting, October 19798/5/01
10/10/79 00:00PoughkeepsieNYUSAChevron15 minutes1/4 moon-like, its 'chord' or flat side parallel to horizon, bright orange-red glow, completely silent, no features.4/16/05
10/7/79 20:00Wabasca (Canada)ABCanadaDiskunsure(missing time)Craft hovered right above us,intense sounds, bright lights/beams shining from the mid section of the craft, and felt magnetic field.7/8/04
10/1/79 23:00CranburyNJUSALight4 minutes8 UFOs in a circle suddenly take off radially away from each other.10/23/13
10/1/79 21:00TonawandaNYUSACircle10 secondsTwo circular objects. Almost chasing each other in zigzag formation. Moving fast. We stopped and starred up in the night sky to see t7/10/15
10/1/79 21:00BuffaloNYUSALight5-10 secTwo bright fast-moving star-like objects with one traveling in a zig-zag motion.4/16/05
10/1/79 21:00PittsburghPAUSADisk5 minDisk appeared over stadium at end of game... spun like a coin on a ended ... never heard a thing about it.2/16/00
10/1/79 21:00OlympiaWAUSADisk2 hoursDancing lights over Olympia7/5/08
10/1/79 19:00ColumbiaMDUSARectangle2 minutesLarge, low-flying, slow moving, silent black rectangle with no lights2/4/13
10/1/79 16:00LomitaCAUSADisk20 minutesSilent disk in afternoon daylight with over twenty witnesses7/5/08
10/1/79 12:00Morden, Surrey (UK/England)United KingdomCirclemomentarySpinning metallic object.5/28/05
10/1/79 06:00Falls CityORUSACircle2 minutes"ENCOUNTER AT BLACK ROCK"7/12/19