National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 09/1979


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
9/30/79 21:03JolietILUSAEgg5 secondsCold Case UFO Joliet, IL.2/1/07
9/30/79 19:00BallentineSCUSAOval1 secondSilver Craft almost hit by our boat, and disappears into the sky in a flash, on Lake Murray S.C.2/18/13
9/30/79 18:00SanfordNCUSACigarcigar shaped crft with white light flashing from window to windows.1/31/11
9/29/79 10:00New BrightonMNUSADisk10 MinutesA close encounter with some backup.7/5/05
9/26/79 17:00MonseyNYUSADisk10min.I saw a large sauser shaped craft hovering over power lines for 10 minutes,then it flew away rapidly.1/29/02
9/25/79 20:30Cottage GroveMNUSACircle5 minutesSaucer shape in city of Cottage Grove,MN seen for 5 minutes11/28/07
9/21/79 01:00Cape Elizabeth (near; location unspecified by witness)MEUSALightTwo HoursAt approximately 1AM in September of 1979, a police officer two towns south from the town I work in called our mutual neighboring polic5/15/06
9/19/79 22:45BaltimoreMDUSALight1minutesaw three lights in a triangle shape as I looked to the left I saw a single light following the others12/12/09
9/18/79 21:00BoulderCOUSATriangle12 secondsSaw six bronze color flying triangles, no lights on, flying between the stars in Boulder CO, 1979.6/9/17
9/17/79 20:10FayettevilleNCUSACylinder50 minutesMissing time involved. Other witness remembers nothing. Tractor beam taking water aboard craft. 5 miles downrange, appeared 300 feet8/30/99
9/17/79 18:15MobileALUSARectangle4 to 5 minutesRectangular object motionless in the sky over the Gulf of Mexico for 4 to 5 mintues which shot off straight up and was gone in less tha1/22/00
9/15/79 23:00Medix Run (Cakedonia Pike area)PAUSACircle2 minutesBright light half the size of moon with 2 smaller lights.10/21/16
9/15/79 21:30Cold Lake (Canada)ABCanadaDisk45 minutesMy father and I were coming back from a day of fishing and hunting on a lake NW of Cold Lake. It was approx., 9:30 at night, dark. We w12/21/17
9/15/79 20:00DeldenNYUSACigar10-20 minutesGlowing cigar craft hovering over Middle Country Rd4/23/21
9/15/79 18:00BryanTXUSAOval15-20 minShining Bright Light, Oval Shaped, no sound2/1/07
9/15/79 17:00East New YorkNJUSADisk1-3 min.A very low flying UFO over the Hudson River in the early Fall at twilight!5/15/06
9/12/79 04:00HonoluluILUSASphere10 minutessaw a blue sphere moving over the of of a house in front of me--hovered 5 feet above the ground for an instant, 15 feet in front of me7/16/06
9/9/79 22:00Mount Wilson Observatory (Los Angeles)CAUSASphere10 secondsi was "called" to visit a ufo on mount wilson while i lived in Glendale,California. As i rounded the last large curve on red box roa5/24/05
9/1/79 23:59Lake ConroeTXUSACircle10 SECONDSFast moving, silent, blue and red orb seen over Lake Conroe, Texas.2/18/01
9/1/79 22:00SicklesOKUSATriangleten minutesIt followed behind us for three miles. Appeared to be triangle shape with three lights. Made no Sound.4/16/05
9/1/79 22:00RockfordILUSAFormation20 secondsSeveral round objects in a straight line formation4/18/12
9/1/79 21:30CarrolltonMOUSASphere2 hoursUFO Abduction ofr Four People Near Missouri River in 197910/10/11
9/1/79 20:00FarmvilleVAUSADisksplit second2 out of 3 witnesses sitting together saw saucer fly by overhead, completely silently and suddenly.10/30/06
9/1/79 20:00KennaWVUSACircle5 minutesRound object with lights hovered for a wile and then accelerated increadably fast, not of this world.2/1/07
9/1/79 20:00SpotsylvaniaVAUSAOther1HourReturning home from an evening shopping trip my husband spotted several bright lights in the sky into the distance. Instead of continui4/16/05
9/1/79 20:00CommackNYUSAOther15 minsIn 1979 while driving east on new highway in commack just after dark ,i was looking at the sky over parkway drive north, what looked li1/21/08
9/1/79 20:00Greenville (near the Greenville Airport)PAUSATriangle45 mins.Craft was triangular in shape.1/28/99
9/1/79 19:30New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSADisk1 minuteMajor UFO seen over Brooklyn New York "It was silent and very much visable"...1/17/04
9/1/79 02:00CrowleyLAUSAUnknown1 minuteMachine Sounding Heart Beat10/8/07
9/1/79 00:05Rockford/Belvedere (between)ILUSADisk5-10 MINSaw a very large object 1000-1500 ft in diameter having difficulty. Saucer shaped about twice the size of a quarter held at arms lengt3/7/98