National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 11/1978


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
11/30/78 08:00Deer ParkWAUSADisk5 min.My mother and father in-law, My wife,our two boys,(4th & 5th grade) and myself observed a very bright green light through the kitchen w11/20/02
11/29/78 03:00Mt. Rainier National ParkWAUSAUnknown6 HoursFIRST TIME REPORTED Late November, 1978 Mt Rainier National Park & Ashford. Double Sighting, 6 Hours8/7/07
11/28/78 18:00Arvana-LamesaTXUSADisk15 MinUFO over Lamesa, Texas cotton gin10/30/06
11/28/78Arvana/LamesaTXUSADiskUFO over cotton gin in a town called Arvana, Texas just NE of Lamesa, Texas.10/30/06
11/27/78 20:00UkiahCAUSASphere10 minutesUFO over Ukiah, sphere with beams coming out from it...then I forgot the entire sighting until I saw a report in the paper1/17/04
11/27/78 19:00BaileyvilleMEUSALight3 hoursMy ex and I was coming home from his parents house and I was about ready to give birth to my first son. We stopped at a pull off a mil3/23/04
11/27/78 19:00UkiahCAUSASphere10 minutes1978 sphere inside cloud over Ukiah Valley, Ca beams of light radiated out from it after a few minutes5/15/13
11/25/78 22:00Fredericksburg (northwest Hill Country))TXUSALight1 minuteBlue lights fill room of house in rural Texas before abruptly vanishing5/13/12
11/22/78 22:30OHUSAOther10 minutesCraft lit up the night sky and made it look like daylight.4/9/20
11/21/78 23:45North Branch (south of)MNUSARectangle5 minutesThat thing was not built around here8/5/09
11/20/78 11:30San DiegoCAUSADisk10 minutesOn the fantail on a uss warship while import in. I looked up and seen three Green objects just hovering. ((anonymous report))12/21/17
11/17/78 15:00Interstate 80/25WYUSAOther10 hrsI saw "heavenly apparitions" (for lack of a better expression) that lasted for approximately 10 hrs.2/14/06
11/15/78 23:00Tonga (unspecified location)TongaUnknown3-4 minutesWe saw a red light moving horizontally from left to right across the sky. ((anonymous report))7/8/16
11/15/78 23:00West TiburyMAUSADisk8 min.circular light pattern at about 30,000 ft.2/14/08
11/15/78 20:00Las Vegas (??)NVUSACigar10 minnot been noted on any sighting that i have heard of.5/12/09
11/15/78 15:00Buccaneer Archipelago. W. Australia (Australia)AustraliaCigar20minsEncounter with a unexplainable submerged object1/19/21
11/11/78 18:00St. Albert (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown10-20 minutesIn response to sighting of 08/15/78 in St. Albert9/2/05
11/11/78 13:00CarlyssLAUSALight5 minutesokay, im am sending this regarding the sighting in Carlyss, La. appr. 1978. the report said they were 16 years old and scared and you w1/5/11
11/11/78Tomohon (Indonesia)IndonesiaGreat post ((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no detailed information. PD))10/19/21
11/10/78 22:00Strasbourg (France)FranceLight10-15 minutesJumping Light-Point in the Sky12/12/09
11/5/78 19:00Lebanon/EnfieldNHUSATriangle~25 minutesNovember 1978 I saw a Triangle shaped UFO with a red light under the bottom that beamed outward, in Lebanon and Enfield, NH.6/4/14
11/1/78 20:00TroyNYUSALight10 secondsPurple lights on a low- and slow-flying, hissing object.9/2/05
11/1/78 20:00BiloxiMSUSASphere2 minutesUnidentified Sphere observed by group of teens west of Keesler AFB, Biloxi, MS.1/12/18
11/1/78 13:00San AngeloTXUSAChevrontwo minutesWildlife photos developed with only a ufo in pic4/18/12
11/1/78 08:00MooresvilleINUSAOther15 min.a bright object follows 2 women home and gives a show1/28/99
11/1/78 03:00CullodenWVUSAUnknown5 MinutesWe had been to a bonfire on a friends farm. As we were returning home, we were passing through this small town when I looked at the dr8/5/01