National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 01/1978


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
1/27/78Massachusetts/New HampshireNHUSAFireballHuge fireball tracking beside car on passenger side and no other clear memories with trip t aking too long - extreme fear. 500 Ligh4/27/07
1/22/78 22:00MeridenCTUSADiamond10 minutesamazing diamond shape craft at low altitude seeminly moving too slow to stay aloft6/12/08
1/20/78 02:00MidlandTXUSACigar30 secondsLarge cigar shaped hovering craft with flashing lights.4/16/05
1/12/78 20:00Grand RapidsMIUSADisk5 minutesSaw a craft decend over some power lines and hover. Saucer shaped with bright lights around the middle11/3/05
1/12/78 20:00Grand RapidsMIUSADisk5 minutesI submitted this report back in 2005. I have been reviewing my report from that time. There are a couple of things that are incorrect.1/10/09
1/10/78 20:00Walberswick Suffolk (UK/England)United KingdomDisk1-2 hoursSaw flying saucer with coloured lights in 1978 and then a different craft in 1979.10/27/04
1/10/78 16:00Gateshead,Tyne & Wear (UK/England)United KingdomOther2 minsHuge aeroplane/no sound travelling overhead4/16/05
1/9/78 04:30Thousand OaksCAUSAcircle60 secondsI awoke at 4:30 a.m. and was lying awake in bed looking out the window. I saw a large round yellow glowing object close to the ground 1/28/99
1/9/78 03:30ChatsworthCAUSACircle3 minutesOne night I looked up and saw one "star" slowly move into another. 3 days later I saw a 15 foot wide orange circle.5/24/99
1/8/78 22:00Cardiff (UK/Wales)United KingdomTriangle20 minslight in the sky splits into 3, one of which is observed to be a huge triangle8/28/03
1/7/78 02:00BristolTNUSA10 minutesBright White Light10/30/06
1/6/78 19:00Shantineketan, (West Bengal) (India)IndiaLight15/20 secondsA brilliant light moved super fast in the sky and zig zagged away at unearthly speed.8/16/02
1/6/78 17:00Gloucester (Canada)ONCanadaEgg5 minutesLarge football shaped object with no wings, no windows and lights were the wings should be, very close I could clearly see it.2/7/14
1/6/78 01:00Westport (about 10 miles North of, US Hwy.1)CAUSAOther15 minThree humongus craft with about 30 saucers about them loading and unloading something.1/28/99
1/5/78WarwickRIUSASphere5 minsWarwick, Rhode Island Jan/Feb 1978 Red Orb9/17/00
1/2/78 20:00Victoria, Mahe (Seychelles)SeychellesChanging1 minuteThe UFO flew down the valley below the block of flats from which I and my friends witnessed it. At first it appeared as a triangular fo5/24/99
1/1/78 13:00SagleIDUSASphere20 SecondsHovering gray, grapefruit size, shaped sphere that travels at lightning speed.10/8/07
1/1/78 02:30WhittierCAUSATriangleunknownColaboration of 1978 sighting in Whittier, California (Southeast Los Angeles County).1/17/04
1/1/78 01:00June LakeCAUSADisk15 minseen flying saucers at june lake ca2/14/06
1/1/78 01:00CarlyssLAUSAStrange light through my window. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes10/31/08
1/1/78 00:00London (UK/Englnd)United KingdomDisk1 secondTwin-disc 'pivoting' UFO observed to rapidly cross the skies of Slough, U.K., in 1977/ 1978.6/12/08