National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 09/1975


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
9/29/75 21:00St. AgathaMEUSALight10 minutesmoved and stopped across the horizon at incredible rate of speed8/24/04
9/25/75 22:30Little ValleyORUSALight5 minutesTwo headlights following the canal road, rises into the air, goes a ways, lights fade out and disappear without any sound.4/4/14
9/21/75 19:00NewburyportMAUSACigar25 to 40 minutesMassive craft about the size of an aircraft carrier that was hovering and was silent and appeared to be rotating.5/31/22
9/20/75 19:00WimberleyTXUSALight10 minutesA very bright light moving very quickly and erradically in the southern sky chased by two air force jets.8/28/02
9/20/75 18:30RoscommonMIUSAOval35 minBright light in the sky, amazing speed and menuvers9/29/04
9/18/75 17:00Monte Alegre (Para) (Brazil)BrazilCigar20 SECONDSWe were a bunch of kids playing soccer in front of my house in the afternoon. Sundly someone stoped the ball and pointed to the sky 1009/28/03
9/15/75 23:00Berlin Heights/HuronOHUSALight45 minutesUfo attracted and responded to flashlight from aprox.60-80 miles away.10/2/99
9/15/75 21:30PennsvilleNJUSADisk5 min.Red, saucer shaped aerial phenomenon of unconventional configuration with no audible propulsion.3/19/02
9/15/75 18:30North BranchNJUSAChevron??Matte black chevron-shaped object hovering silently over median of I-78, with downward spotlights.7/23/03
9/15/75 18:00Haines CityFLUSADisk10 minutessilver saucer hovering over an orange grove.2/18/01
9/15/75 06:30Tehran (Iran)IranCylinder2 minutesWatched a slow moving non-aerodynamic vehicle pass me at approx 200 feet in daylight which disappeared NW of Tehran, IRAN in 1975.10/31/08
9/15/75Prescott (National Forest), 40 miles north-west ofAZUSACigarSilver Metallic cigar shaped object. Approximately 200 feet above and to the right of where we played. Daytime Characteristics: Clear, 11/20/01
9/15/75Prescott (40 mi.Nwof; National Forest)AZUSAFireballLarge fireball which flew as if under intelligent control. NightTime characteristics: no clouds, no moon2/16/00
9/15/75Prescott (National Forest) ((40 miles north-west of ))AZUSAUnknownAn object moving at a high rate of speed stopped in midflight and held a stationary position for a couple of minutes or so. It then sho11/20/01
9/12/75 22:00St Augustine Pass Las CrucesNMUSACircle15 minutestwo moons on the mountain pass3/4/22
9/12/75 18:00AndersonINUSATriangle2 minuteshelicoptor with a spot light on (posibly a police Jetranger) flying Nth towards us at 100 to 150 ft altitude. ufo makes a non banking9/29/04
9/11/75 21:00Grand CouleeWAUSACigar10 minutesMy uncle and I were outside walking his dogs. He worked for a major airplane manufacturer in washington, and was over visiting. we sa7/30/02
9/10/75 19:45MeridenCTUSADisk2 Hours?A very large yellow-orange disk hovered above the trees before appearing to degrade to a small round white light as it flew away. There4/2/99
9/9/75 15:00VinelandNJUSADisk10 minutesBroad daylight, at the People's Bank. metallic silver saucer. Wide band around center w/ rows of lights flashing different colors, ma5/3/00
9/7/75 19:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaSphere2 hoursStationary shimmering ball of light.4/12/19
9/5/75 20:00Sonoma MountainCAUSALight10 minutesWe found ourselves looking at a huge, round, pure, white light as big as a mansion, hovering over the retreat.6/18/04
9/4/75 02:00Union GroveALUSACigar20 minutesTwo brothers observe cigar-shaped UFO late at night after work.2/14/10
9/4/75 00:00PalmyraNJUSACircle10 minsObject was seen flying at high altitude above drive in projection screen in the distance.8/30/99
9/1/75 22:00ValenciaCAUSAOval15 minutesIn Valencia, Ca. the craft I was watching, was watching me.12/7/06
9/1/75 20:00Fullerton (north of Anaheim...i.e.Disneyland)CAUSAOtherthirty minThe craft resembled a large balloon. I mean it had a basket, and some type of revolving cone-thing. Now put a cone on its side, the con2/16/99
9/1/75 20:00IndependenceMOUSADisk1 mindisk shape revolving around tv tower2/14/06