National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 05/1974


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
5/27/74 17:00LyndhurstNJUSACircle2hrsA VERIFABLE UFO encounter... Holloman AFB 5/6,19742/14/08
5/27/74 12:00Spring LakeMIUSAOval10 minutesIn the spring or early summer of 1974 we saw a dull gray object flying in a straight line over Spring Lake, Michigan at about noon time12/3/04
5/24/74 02:42Mt. VernonINUSAMADAR Event No. 54/26/18
5/23/74 22:00CalhounILUSAThree witnesses reported a close encounter and telephone affected. ((NUFORC Note: Report from CUFOS. PD))8/23/19
5/22/74 05:30Mescalero Indian ReservationNMUSARectangleTwo HoursHuge rectangular object emmitting intense white light across roadway with extremely loud roar.4/18/12
5/20/74 20:30JonesboroGAUSADisk2-3 minutessaucer came across the tree tops in the yard,swayed,then took off across hwy & 1/2 mile beyound then straight down5/11/05
5/15/74 21:00PassaicNJUSACigar30 minutesWe thought it was we were looking at a sky full of stars...until they all started to move....9/2/05
5/15/74 21:00AuroraORUSADisk2 minutesFlying Saucer hovers above car.2/18/01
5/15/74 20:30SmyrnaGAUSADisk1-2 minWe saw a disc-shaped object with a row of blinking lights traverse the sky silently, rapidly, and repeatedly.3/21/03
5/15/74 20:00AtlantaGAUSADisk3-5 minutesWe saw a silent, saucer-shaped craft with 4 porthole-size lights blinking in sequence left to right, blue, white, red and yellow.10/12/01
5/15/74 15:15Howard BeachNYUSADiskAbout 15 to 30 secondsA daylight disk was sighted over Queens county of New York City in the spring of 1974.8/5/01
5/15/74 15:00ChesapeakeVAUSACylinderMinutesSmall gray or silver in color, cylinder shape, made no sound.7/31/21
5/15/74 13:00BristowOKUSACigar5 MinutesLarge, drab color, enormous, cigar shaped, no appendages on craft. Moving at moderately fast speed, (faster than any blimp could}. trav12/19/03
5/15/74 12:00San JoseCAUSACircle3 minutesFirst Encounter: I was 14 years old or so. Riding my bike home from a store and my brother 13, was with me on his bike. A semi-busy8/27/20
5/15/74 01:30EsopusNYUSAOther5 SecondsAqua-Blue orb moving north,northeast in the Hudson Valley Mid May 1974 at high rate of speed4/16/05
5/15/74 01:00BurnettTXUSAOther2-3 minutesWatched what I thought was a satellite make an abrupt right angle turn and vanish withing 2-3 seconds.6/25/20
5/15/74 00:00JacksonMSUSAUnknown20-30 minutesI was followed at close range by an object with 3 very bright lights near Jackson, Miss.12/2/00
5/14/74 21:00TaylorsvilleNCUSADisk3 minDRIVING HOME WITH SON, Large disk shaped ufo appeared, had flashing lights of red, orange, white, port holes. houvered over trees then1/21/08
5/10/74 19:00AthensGAUSACircle3 minutesBright red curcular light viewed as stationary....after 3 minutes took off at great contrails or lights.12/7/06
5/1/74 20:30PhilippiWVUSAUnknown20 minutesInexplicable recurrent movements of an object across the night sky following a thunderstorm.2/26/16
5/1/74 17:00FranklinKYUSAOval5 minutesRound Disk2/18/13
5/1/74 03:00SpringhillLAUSA10 secondsGiant Ship over Lake Earling.12/22/14
5/1/74 01:00Ft. BraggNCUSACircle3minA big light bulb that is Lit, but has no light around it (Kinda like a big basketball hovering)12/12/09