National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 11/1973


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
11/28/73 19:15BufkinINUSASphere6 minutesTwo orange-red balls of light that hovered low to the ground in the west for about six minutes. ((NUFORC Note: F. Ridge report. PD))4/26/18
11/25/73 22:00ViennaVAUSACigar5 secondsWhite cigar shaped object, very fast, no plausible explanation10/28/02
11/24/73 20:00Florida (central)FLUSAOval5 MINUTESWhile driving to NY with a friend,observed a oval shape craft 40' in diameter ,stood 30' of the ground.11/26/03
11/24/73 19:25Bothell (Seattle)WAUSAUnknown2 minutesSaw a light moving very low and made a ninety degree turn at full speed.12/12/14
11/23/73 19:00KapaaHIUSACigar10 minutesFive of f us witnessed a cigar-shaped wingless aircraft with a light shining inside of its windows hover over us..6/6/00
11/22/73 23:30BlaineWAUSADisk20 minutesLarge disc shape with center rectangle colored strip lights tip to tip and a white blinking light in the center. It looked like a jet l12/4/17
11/15/73 23:00Talahassee (Interstate 10 east of)FLUSALight10 minutesI almost had a close encounter of the third kind. Have unique scar on right knee. Can't remember any enjory12/7/06
11/15/73 18:00Colbert HeightsALUSADisk5 minutesHovering object with circulating yellow and green lights slowly began to move before attaining hyper speed from virtual dead stop11/3/05
11/15/73 17:30Key WestFLUSADisk20-30 secondsSaucer craft with red/green alternating lights on its midsection seen within 500 yards, travelling slowly at first, then vanishes7/1/02
11/15/73New York City (Manhattan)NYUSADiskseveral secondsImagine vertical line in space i'm writng in coming back around after complete turn.9/17/00
11/11/73 19:00West ChesterPAUSADiskthree minutesI lived near a general aviation airport so I thought that I was witnessing another aircraft. At dusk, it came towards me with a constan3/21/03
11/10/73 20:00BooneNCUSADisk30 minutesLanding lights,lights around the object top and bottom, no noise,very fast and hovered.5/27/03
11/9/73 01:00Orange CountyCAUSAOval40min1973 A 40 Minute Daytime Viewing Of A BlackHole In Orange County California Skies2/18/01
11/3/73 15:00EncinitasAZUSADisk10 secondsWhen we were about 17-18, a friend and I had just got out of my truck and walked to the edge of the Cardiff cliffs when all of the sudd4/9/20
11/3/73 15:00CardiffAZUSADisk10 secondsMe and my friend (we were 17-18 years old) had just got out of my truck at the cliffs along the beach to look (West) along the cliffs a4/9/20
11/2/73 22:37Mt. VernonINUSALightSeveral minutesPolice put the squad car spotlight on it again and it immediately moved away and out of sight. ((NUFORC Note: F. Ridge report. PD))4/26/18
11/2/73 22:20Mt. VernonINUSATriangle15+ secondsIt was "about six blocks away", 60-80 feet in the air". The object was orange and wedge shaped.4/26/18
11/1/73 23:00Bentwaters AFB (near Woodbridge) (UK/England)United KingdomFireball5 minsBentwaters 19734/16/05
11/1/73 22:40BufkinINUSASphere10 minutesBlue and green object with humming noise observed near Mt. Vernon. ((NUFORC Note: Report by Francis Ridge, UFO investigator. PD))4/26/18
11/1/73 21:47Mt. VernonINUSAMADAR Event No. 4 ((NUFORC Note: Report submitted by Mr. Francis Ridge, experienced UFO investigator. PD))4/26/18
11/1/73 21:00Viking (Canada)ABCanadaSphereFirst hand UFO report from 197312/7/06
11/1/73 19:00HuntingtonNYUSA3 minutesno sound, very close, translucent metal with shapless orange glow in center of craft.8/5/09