National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 10/1973


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
10/31/73 19:30WilsonOKUSACigar10 minutesMetallic Cigar shaped Object1/29/02
10/30/73 04:00Green RiverUTUSADisk15 secondsmothership... coming in for a landing made the valley glow red... caused me to stop on I-70 to let it pass...8/12/08
10/30/73 04:00Green River (20 miles west of on I-70)UTUSADisk15 secondsMothership coming in for a landing!8/12/08
10/25/73 23:30FROM SR 41 S. AND MIAMI TRACE RD. TO SR 41S AND SR 753. IT OHUSAFireball15-20 MIN.late in out. 1973 i witnessed a ufo, and to make it short. it like stayed with me. if i sped up. it, if i slowed down it did. this went11/23/99
10/24/73 19:30CentervilleOHUSACircle2 minutesA white circular-shaped glowball at night appeared in front of me at my bedroom window. I felt a butterfly sensation in my chest and th12/16/99
10/24/73 18:45CentervilleOHUSAOther45 minsoft-white glowball12/3/04
10/24/73 00:00Jacksonville BeachFLUSAChanging2-3 MinutesYou may be surprised that I am reporting this after 30 years. I remember the date clearly as I told myself I would never forget. I have1/31/04
10/21/73 18:30BaltimoreMDUSADisk8 minutes"Jupiter Two"-like spacecraft, flew noiselessly, slowly just over the field in our backyard.4/27/07
10/21/73 18:30BaltimoreMDUSADisk5 minutesConfirm sisters report.5/26/16
10/21/73 17:30BaltimoreMDUSADisk15 minutesOct 1973 Baltimore, Md Discw/dome/portholewindows/interiorLight. Noiseless, hovering, close by, huge8/28/02
10/21/73 14:30FederalsburgMDUSADisk5 mins.Saucer spotted in Federalsburg MD6/10/10
10/20/73 23:30CarthageINUSAFireball20 minutesFireball above tree line1/21/08
10/20/73 06:50Mt. VernonINUSALightUFO stops a train near Mt. Vernon. ((NUFORC Note: Report submitted by Mr. Francis Ridge, experienced UFO investigator. PD))4/26/18
10/20/73 00:00New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSA1/2 Hour5-6 Star like lights moved single file across the sky 10/20/19733/19/09
10/18/73 22:30Mt. VernonINUSACylinder5 minutesCigar-shaped body of lights with sound like ariver barge. ((NUFORC Note: Report submitted by MUFON member/SSD. PD))4/26/18
10/18/73 20:00CharlotteNCUSAOval30 minutesA large nocturnal bluish-green oval seen by tens of thousands.1/19/05
10/18/73 11:05MansfieldOHUSACylinderFamous Coyne helicopter encounter. ((NUFORC Note: Report from records of Center for UFO Studies. PD))9/6/19
10/18/73BaltimoreMDUSADiskBack when i was 11 or 12 early 70's I was laying in my bed and the brightest light came in my window, then somehow i ended up in my bac9/15/05
10/17/73 23:30MontgomeryALUSALight15 minutesLights appear out of the woods and chase vehicle.2/14/08
10/17/73 21:30Warner RobinsGAUSACigarunknownTwo UFO's sighted by thousands in Warner Robins, Georgia in 1973.7/4/14
10/15/73 23:00Germany (Czech border)GermanyFlash1 minuteIt's not the only time !!8/1/03
10/15/73 21:00WacoTXUSATriangle30 minutesClose encounter of the 2nd Kind.11/6/15
10/15/73 20:00MillingtonTNUSADisk20-30 minutes3 Saucer shaped UFO's over Naval Air Station. F-4 Phantom Scrambled.11/11/13
10/15/73 19:30HoustonTXUSACircle45 minutesUFO hovers over Houston TX, fall 1973.9/24/12
10/15/73 18:00EnglewoodTNUSADisk2 min.They talked to me as a child.3/21/03
10/15/73 18:00hobartINUSAOther45 minutessphere inside a ring3/2/21
10/15/73 17:30ChazyNYUSALight5 minutesExact location: 44 deg 52' 33.74" North, 73 deg 28' 52.99", thanks to GPS and Google Earth (didn't have either back then). Macadam Road7/16/06
10/15/73 16:00ColliervilleTNUSADisk5 minutesGroup of about 20 sees UFO on clear day for about 5 minutes in 1973 in SW TENN.5/15/06
10/15/73 12:40SpokaneWAUSACircle15 MinutesWe don't have craft that can fly this fast and make right turns at several thousand miles per hour10/31/08
10/15/73 01:00FayettevilleNCUSALight1-1/2 hoursMissing Time and Military Helicopter.5/31/18
10/15/73PascagoulaMSUSADiskI was stationed at the coastguard base in pascagoula mississippi,when we were talking about the hickson case where in the 1970s two men6/1/16
10/13/73 18:00WeldonNCUSAOval5 minutesMe and my brother was coming home from a friends house and we saw a red flashing light what liked to be over a friends house. After a f2/14/14
10/12/73 19:00Birmingham (just south of)ALUSADisk10-15 minutesGlowing Green UFO seen by myself (mom) and my 4 children very low over our car on a Friday night in Alabama in 1973.4/2/99
10/11/73 18:45JupiterFLUSAEgg~4 hoursEgg-shaped object emits light ray and missing time occurs .1/31/20
10/10/73 23:00Bermuda NASBermudaLight20 sec.saw fast moving blip on the radar scope thin went outside and saw it again.1/11/02
10/10/73 19:00NianticCTUSADisk20-30 MINOh, what a night ! Two (2) saucer-shaped, glowing green objects and one (1) brilliantly glowing sphere gliding over the lake.9/24/03
10/8/73 22:30AtwaterCAUSAOtherAs you can see this happened a long time ago, so my recolections of exact times and date regretable are gone.. although it was 3 days 1/11/02
10/8/73 18:30TupeloMSUSADisk4 secFather and Daughter sees disc over Tupelo, Ms.7/23/00
10/7/73 21:00Beruit (Lebanon)LebanonUnknown15 MinutesIwas serving aboard the U.S.S. Mount Whitney, during the October War between Israel, Egypt, and Seria. I was a radarman, and I reported4/16/05
10/6/73 09:00El Centro (a few miles west of)CAUSALightabout 1/2 hourorange nocturnal light8/5/01
10/4/73 20:50WacoTXUSATriangle45 minutesClose Encounter of the Second Kind.2/7/20
10/3/73 23:00HardyARUSAOval30 minutesOval formation of 16 glowing objects with beam coming downward from center.1/26/15
10/1/73 22:45Valley CityOHUSADisk5 minutesIt was a star shaped object travelling south that stopped, changed colors, and sped off dissapearing in the night sky.1/11/02
10/1/73 21:30HixsonTNUSAOval1 1/2 hoursOval, brilliant lights, red glow, windows, metallic, no sound; After we lost sight of it and went to find it, it showed itself to us.4/16/05
10/1/73 21:30BeattyNVUSADisk2 hoursLights in the sky and lost time.10/10/11
10/1/73 21:00RoseburgORUSACylindernot sure,maybe 2 hoursWe were on the outskirts of town, just passing the sewage treatment plant, when this object with blinding white light enveloped the car8/12/08
10/1/73 20:45WacoTXUSATriangle30 minutesI observed the craft at close range to know it wasn't manmade based upon my training and experience.7/20/14
10/1/73 20:30North St. PaulMNUSATriangleTwo minutesLarge triangular space craft sighted above North Senior High School' football field, in North St. Paul, MN in early October 1, 19737/30/02
10/1/73 20:00BloomingtonINUSALight20 minutesThree large bright white craft interacting & manuevering rapidly accross a quadrant of night sky.7/3/13
10/1/73 15:00Virginia BeachVAUSADisk10-30 minutesGroup of friends an I follow a UFO on bicycles, I have a sighting alone about a week later.10/10/11
10/1/73 02:30MundeleinILUSADisk20 secondsSaw large flying saucer in corn field 150ft away, maybe 15 ft off the ground. I wasn't alone my friend was with me, Mundelein, IL.11/14/14
10/1/73 01:00MontezumaINUSASphere15 minutesWe saw a large glowing sphere that looked like the moon, but was obviously not since it was very close to us and could manuver.9/2/05