National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 02/1973


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
2/15/73 22:00Lake OkeechoobeeFLUSAUnknown20min2 WHAT looked LIKE stars STARTED to MAKE right AND LEFT ANGLES and GO real FAST seemed that they went around the earth and then stopped1/28/99
2/15/73 01:00Port SulphurLAUSACircle4 seconds2 silver circular crafts with glowing blue all around leaving a blue flame trail.10/16/15
2/10/73 16:00HoustonTXUSARectangle2 MIN.Skin burns and bad health for all of us.11/20/01
2/10/73 02:00MoundvilleALUSACigar90 secondsCigar-shaped low flying after heavy snow storm.1/5/16
2/3/73 16:00Fort RuckerALUSALight10 secondsRed Light Appears to Go Right Through Cockpit2/1/07
2/2/73 21:00RoanokeVAUSASphere1.5 minutesSilver silent sphere seen in Roanoke, VA in 19737/4/12
2/1/73 23:00Port SulphurLAUSACircle3 secondsDrag Racing UFO's10/27/04
2/1/73 22:00HonoluluHIUSASphere5 minutesI was standing on the shore looking out towards the water when I saw a blue sphere coming toward the shore . It was at about a 45 degr10/31/08
2/1/73 12:00San ClementeCAUSA~1 minuteAnd I moticed his eyes were like a cat's eyes as well.. ((anonymous report))9/28/17