National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 11/1972


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
11/20/72 21:00LebanonTNUSAOval1 hour11/20/1972 2100, Tenn Lebanon oval 30 minutes usa space craft over friends house 01/25/093/19/09
11/8/72 20:00TucsonAZUSATriangle10-15 minDark triangular object emitting "dread", searching for something, then challenges USAF base security.12/14/04
11/7/72 05:20Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaDisk60 secondsI have lived with this event my whole life and to this day even as a retired Military Air Traffic Controller, I remember the event like3/21/03
11/1/72 22:00HiawasseeGAUSACircletwo minutesRed glowing circular disk over the North Georgia Mountains.6/23/10
11/1/72 19:30Crescent CityCAUSA30 secondsHigh pitch tones were probably an encounter with a UFO in Crescent City California during the early 1970s4/16/05
11/1/72 08:00TrinidadCAUSALight10 minutesSatelite sighting, changing directions to quick for normal.1/17/04
11/1/72 01:00Winding Stair Camp GroundOKUSALight1 hourWe could see the very bright white light outside our camper but no shadows only objects in the light and carbled lanquage10/15/02
11/1/72 00:00?ALUSALight30 minsufo over mountians,two men went missing4/28/01