National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 10/1971


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
10/29/71 18:45HollistonMAUSAUnknown1 minuteFast moving bright light that hovered and bolted in non typical directions and speed; Holliston, Ashland, Framingham; fall 1971 or 197212/2/13
10/29/71 16:00BristolCTUSATriangle5min.very large object seen over the west end10/12/01
10/15/71 20:30LitchfieldCTUSACircle6min aproxMothership over Litchfield CT3/21/03
10/15/71 20:30Tinley ParkILUSADisk10-15 minSaw a disc shaped craft with 3 lights11/1/98
10/15/71 18:00BremertonWAUSADisk10 minutesI was walking into my home one day at dusk and as i looked up saw these strange objects in the sky. I ran in and got my camera and took10/12/01
10/15/71Lago Vista (near Austin)TXUSAFormation30 minuteswent outside & in night sky looking east{est.} saw 15 to 25 objects looked like stars appeared same distance as stars, but brighter tha2/16/99
10/13/71 21:00BristolCTUSADisk10min.i was just a baby up at fallmount,past central high school,wolcott st..i was told by my family dad,mom and 4 brother that when i was ju4/27/07
10/12/71 22:00Menands (Albany)NYUSAChevron3 minutesLarge, black, "boomerang" shaped object gliding silently overhead.5/15/06
10/10/71 21:00LexingtonNCUSAOval30 secondsgreen oval shaped light over my local church,power lines down..2/14/10
10/7/71 01:00Kitchener (Canada)ONCanadaDisk45 minA very bright , horizontal elliptical disk aprox. the length of a yardstick held at arms length, hovered one hundred feet away.7/13/05
10/1/71 22:00PasadenaCAUSADisk3 minPowerless over UFO sighting.1/17/04