National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 08/1969


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
8/29/69 19:00Vernon (Canada)BCCanadaCigar4 secondsLarge, white cigar shaped object stops above house.6/12/08
8/27/69 21:00EnfieldMEUSAOval10-15minThe object would stop and move and then blink off and be somewhere else in the sky. And started moving again but at a slow pace!4/16/05
8/19/69 23:00Duncan (Canada)BCCanadaCylinder15 to 20 minutesA group of people sighted an "object" that hovered for some 15 minutes, it pulsated red to mauve.4/16/05
8/17/69 02:30North HollywoodCAUSASphere10 MinutesWas up late watching TV and glanced out of nearby window to witness 6-7 bright orange lights to the south about half of a mile away.11/2/99
8/15/69 23:00Ensenada (15 miles south of) (Mexico)MexicoFormationone hourMy brother, a friend, and I witnessed six craft over Baja, Calif, beach in October of 196910/31/03
8/15/69 22:00LamontCAUSAFormation4 to 5 seconds9 to 13 objects in "V" formation travelling about 100 mi per second graze ionosphere.11/26/03
8/15/69 22:00Phouc Vinh (Viet Nam)Viet NamUnknown2 minsI was on perimeter guard duty with 3 others who were off watch and asleep.I remember this vividly and can't ever forget it.while lookin4/27/07
8/15/69 21:30BiolaCAUSACigar3 minIt was long cigar shaped about 500 feet long with the under side giving off a bright white light.2/14/10
8/15/69 21:30Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaCircle1 minutesilent 6-lighted disk size of fist at arm's lenght,moving in small circles ((NUFORC Note: Advertising light??))9/1/04
8/15/69 20:00RockfordILUSAOther3 minutesSeen an object in the sky that appeared to be an old World War II plane, buy wasn't!6/12/08
8/15/69 20:00East BarreVTUSACylinder8 minutesFast moving but in jerky stops and starts4/27/07
8/15/69 19:00El CajonCAUSAOther5-7 secondsA creature crossed my path and ordered me not to hurt it, as I was driving at the time.1/10/09
8/15/69 16:00PlacitasNMUSAOther~90 minutesGaseous ball of pink light turquoise blue gaseous center, noiseless, in Placitas, NM, about 50 ft over village dirt road.6/9/17
8/15/69 16:00WestportMAUSAFormation8-10 secondsSix bright lights in "V" formation seen in Westport Mass USA in August, 1969.7/25/19
8/15/69 12:00Port JeffersonNYUSADisk1 hourMetallic Disc hovers high over commercial jet traffic.4/9/04
8/15/69 01:00Baldwin CityKSUSACircle8 secondsobject moved in fashion against all laws of physics. 90 degree instant turn. the entire object was dot of light.10/31/08
8/15/69 01:00UnknownAZUSACircle1-3 minutesWe saw a glowing yellow gold object 50 to 100 yards in diameter hovering above us as though wanting to communicate.12/20/00
8/13/69 00:30Port ChesterNYUSAOther1-2 seconds2 solid boomerang-solid shapes in formation cross sky from horizon-overhead-behind bldg; 1.5 seconds; silent; color of cool fl. bulb1/10/09
8/10/69 00:00BarstowCAUSALight8- 10 secondsBright lights4/17/08
8/7/69 18:30Riverton (Canada)MBCanadaCircle1 minute1969/ Riverton, Manitoba, Sphere 1 minute time space alteration.4/11/14
8/5/69 19:00North HavenCTUSADisk20 minsUFO explosion and sighting4/22/03
8/3/69 14:00NapaCAUSASphere3-4 minutesTwo spheres or disks flying together over Solano County, Ca.1/5/16
8/1/69 22:00MinnetonkaMNUSALightless than one minuteLarge bright white light hovering in minnetonka, mn, summer, 196912/23/02
8/1/69 21:00New CastlePAUSAOval50 minutes plusThis was in 1969 and I was only 16. There were eight of my family and friend that witnessed this event. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes7/4/12
8/1/69 20:30Fort LauderdaleFLUSALight3--5 minutes1969 summer Ft. Lauderdale spiraling pinpoint of white light, spirals across the night sky with neon green cloud alongside.1/21/08
8/1/69 20:00Berlin (Germany)GermanyUnknown5 minProfessional airline pilots sighting UFO over East Germany4/16/05
8/1/69 17:30DaytonOHUSADisk1 minuteLarge silver disk "rolls" alongf tree tops near Wright-Patterson AFB8/5/01
8/1/69 12:00Ohio (northwest)OHUSAOther1 minutefloating craft 80 yds long by 30 yds wide, 6 spheres connected by cylindrical passages in the shape of a rectangle.6/18/04
8/1/69 03:00IndependenceMOUSASphere2 hoursASD Missouri MUFON reporting for witness re: 1969 UFO over Lake City Army Ammunition Plant for Two Hours6/24/14