National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 04/1968


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
4/19/68 16:00New KensingtonPAUSACircle10 minutesCircular Object hovering above the Allegheny River in the Spring of 1968.8/29/14
4/15/68 23:30Silver City (near)IAUSACircle60 secondsLarge white light near Silver City, Iowa.2/1/07
4/15/68 18:30Las VegasNVUSASphere30 secondsI was sighting in my new telescope I was on Eastern av in LV I turned my telescope in the direction of NNEtoward Nellis AFB it was alm7/25/04
4/15/68 02:00OvertonNEUSAOval3 minblue object near offramp on I 80...electro-effects to car9/2/05
4/12/68 21:00ScottsvilleKYUSADisk5-10 minutesDisk With Lights Hovering Over My Grandparents House.8/5/01
4/10/68 17:00Munich (Oberschliessheim Army Airfield) (Germany)GermanyDisk10 minutesI was in the military at the time part of withdrawal of the troops from Germany the date of the day might be wrong but it was on the we2/22/05
4/8/68 18:45Walla WallaWAUSATriangle@ 20 minutesThe object moved up, down, hovered, then left with extreme speed on a huge trajectory up into space. We followed it on a surveyor's tr11/1/98
4/7/68 10:00Columbia Station (RT. 252)OHUSASphere10 minutesWas stocking a small fish pound, and seen reflection of three SPHERES in triangle form 50'foot up. They glittered like a disco ball wit4/2/99
4/5/68 23:00WestlandMIUSADisk2-3 min1968 Westland MI, and 1982 US. NAVY sighting's12/3/04
4/4/68 16:30GainesvilleGAUSADisk15 sescondsIn 1968 a UFP communicated with me that Martin Luther KIng would die and he died four and a half hours later.9/7/21
4/4/68 10:00Little RockARUSACylinder3 minutesNon noise, no reflection, cylindar object10/31/08
4/3/68 14:50GainesvilleGAUSACigarsecondsbright silver cigar shaped object appeared in the air ahead of me when I was teenager driving home after school8/12/08
4/1/68 20:30SavannahGAUSACircle10 minthe date above is a guess as it was many years ago - i was headed east oh hyway 80 and saw in the north east sky +/- 7 spherical lights4/27/04