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UFO Report Index For 06/1967


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
6/30/67 22:00out at sea east coast U.S.Lightfew hoursUFO spotted by U.S Navy ship out at sea in the year of 1967.1/5/16
6/30/67 22:00Olongapo (Philippines)PhilippinesSphere6 to 7The bottom was straight and the top was round like a half shaped moon. ((NUFORC Note: Air Traffic Controller report. PD))6/8/12
6/30/67 22:00Vandenberg AFBCAUSADisk30 minutes +/-Unknown object approached icbm silo from Pacific Ocean and hovered over Minuteman silo.7/3/20
6/30/67 22:00GlenviewILUSACircle15 minutes +Large ball of light hovering above the road in Glenview, Illinois - 25 - 30 observers - 1967 or 1968.3/19/09
6/30/67 22:00Ft. LewisWAUSALight5 minutesWe noticed three points of light that came together to form a triangle, hovered there, and then streaked off in different directions.10/10/11
6/30/67 22:00New MarketALUSATriangle1 minuteDiscs in V-formation flying over Northern Alabama in the summer of 19678/5/09
6/30/67 21:30AikenSCUSAOval3 minutesStrange oval shaped silent metallic object about 2000 feet ovrehead with four oscillating lights12/9/03
6/30/67 21:00LansingKSUSALight5 minsSilent light darts to avoid collision.4/17/08
6/30/67 21:00Schofield BarracksHIUSACircle5 to 8 sec.Luminescent disk traveling at fantastic speed over ocean near Schofield barracks, Hawaii8/7/07
6/30/67 20:00SlidellLAUSACircleabout 1 minuteI appreciate this forum to report what I saw. I was a young lad who went outside to feed the dog in the back yard. While walking back t3/11/06
6/30/67 20:00ReidsvilleNCUSACircle15 minutesRound, ball like object, red with yellow streaks moves over tree tops.6/4/14
6/30/67 19:00PortmouthRIUSADisk5 minsLuminous disc shaped tilted object with aura/haze around it10/30/06
6/30/67 18:00WaterfordPAUSASphere11 hoursMy mother and her sister, now in their late 50's went to a field together when they were under ten years of age. They lived on farm lan8/2/16
6/30/67 16:00WeirtonWVUSASphere1-3 minutesGreen glowing object in the summer in the mid 1960's, west of Pittsburgh.8/25/16
6/30/67 13:00Pine RiverMNUSALightnot sureGrays i seen when a small child6/20/12
6/30/67 10:00JacksonvilleNCUSACircle20 secondsStudents see UFO floating above Gymnasium of Jacksonville N.C. School for 20 seconds1/19/21
6/30/67 09:00GoletaCAUSAUnknown3 hoursChased by Grays in Santa Barbara in 19672/14/08
6/30/67 04:00SaugasCAUSA3 daysIn 1967 I am a little kid now. I am sleeping I am awoke by movement. I am so scared what is on my bed, something is moving.1/4/19
6/30/67 03:00Oakwood (Dayton)OHUSACircle3 minutesIn the forty years since, I have yet to see anything that will explain away what I witnessed in the middle of the night.8/27/09
6/30/67 03:00LanderWYUSALight5 - 10 minutesThey were just lights, but very curious lights at that.5/4/04
6/30/67 01:00Kansas cityKSUSAOtherUncertainWyandotte county Kansas 1967 object appeared as aircraft suspended midair. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes2/14/08
6/30/67 01:00ColumbusOHUSAFifty feet from my driveway, up to my left, out of the north sky came a large lighted object.11/14/14
6/30/67PeoriaILUSADiskminutes2 or 3 saucers flying in formation in the sky during the day that shot off quickly.10/12/01
6/27/67 23:00GlendaleAZUSALight10 minutesGlendale, AZ, 11:00 Pm, white sphere silently appeared in sky, It moved to 12 " in front of my face, flew off.1/17/04
6/25/67 13:00noneMIUSADisk2 secondsdaylight disk at 200 meters.10/8/07
6/23/67 22:30BoiseIDUSALight2 minutesLight landing on runway, traveling past end zone, travelling overland over roadless area then turning to merge into freeway traffice6/18/04
6/20/67 18:00FairfieldCAUSACigar1 minuteI believe6/20/05
6/20/67 01:00High Point State ParkNJUSADisk15 seconds2 glowing discs5/9/19
6/15/67 23:00BakerORUSADisk30 minutesDisk shaped object with different colored revolving lights10/31/08
6/15/67 22:00Lake Magog (Canada)QCCanadaDisk45 secondsFast moving white object zig-zags across lake stops beside tree top (orange saucer) for a short time then shoots into sky.4/18/14
6/15/67 22:00Oak RidgeTNUSADisk2 minutesSpotted 5 or 6 diffusely white-lit spheres arranged concentrically hovering overhead7/31/21
6/15/67 22:00SavannahGAUSAChevron3-4 minutesFive orange glowing spheres together in a line above the treetops.7/16/03
6/15/67 22:00St. Williams (Canada)ONCanadaCigar30 seconds or socigar shaped with red and green lights going from one end to the other. Then it was gone.5/9/03
6/15/67 21:30SouthburyCTUSADiskA few minutes.HUGE craft, the most luminous thing I have ever seen (looked like a mothership). The brightness is almost indescribable.6/22/22
6/15/67 20:30Salt Lake CityUTUSADisk1or2 min.In June of 1967 while waiting in our car to get into a drive-in movie a saucer shaped craft hovered between us and the Wasatch Mountain1/28/99
6/15/67 20:00ArbuckleCAUSATriangle3-4 mins.At dusk in 1966 or 67, three lights in formation or triangular craft with no visible substance floated silently into the West.4/27/07
6/15/67 19:30Oak RidgeTNUSASphere~12 minutesRed Sphere in Oak Ridge.5/15/13
6/15/67 14:00Glens FallsNYUSATeardrop15:00Passed over our backyard4/2/99
6/15/67 12:00EdisonNJUSAOthermonththe object was one color.orange12/5/01
6/15/67 08:00China LakeCAUSASphere2mina silver sphere was filmed with a high speed tracking camera with data bar the sphere was 30 ft in diamer flying at 1900mph at a range9/9/03
6/15/67 03:00DetroitMIUSASphere1minhuge metal ball shaped ship hanging low in air then moved away at 2 o'clock angle at great speed.9/12/03
6/15/67 02:00HighwayAZUSACircle30 minutes1967 UFO somewhere between Utah and So. Calif. over highway finally reported!2/14/08
6/15/67 01:00PowellOHUSADisk2 hoursUFO hovers right overhead while I walk alone at night1/26/15
6/15/67 00:30KentWAUSADisk5Min. +IN THE SUMMER OF 1967 I saw a saucer at 35 feet above my car! I saw things that were were concidered impossable for that time period. 1/29/02
6/15/67 00:00DeSotoKSUSALight10 sec.A fast moving light tracking in straight lines appeared in the northern skies........ ((anonymous report))7/30/02
6/14/67 15:30ThomasvilleGAUSAOther6 mins2 young men see strange barbell ufo in clear blue dauytime sky at low level.2/14/08
6/12/67 22:00PoteauOKUSALight15 min.Light changing color darting back and forth across the sky.3/6/01
6/10/67 19:00El PasoTXUSALight15 minutes2 objects dock -stay together 10 minutes then seperate in different directions -gain altitude until out of sight12/16/05
6/9/67 23:00Camelon (UK/Scotland)United KingdomSphere40minsSphere7/17/11
6/6/67 12:00Cedar RapidsIAUSAOval2 min.Bright-as-chrome object hovering4/9/04
6/5/67 14:00TacomaWAUSAOther1 to 2 minutesThese were black half spheres in a triangular formation10/15/02
6/4/67 20:30DecaturALUSALight2-3 minutesStrange light shivered across sky, stopped overhead, tried to land, stopped, and then took off out of sight in 2 seconds.4/18/12
6/3/67 10:00LimaOHUSACigar4 secondsI was 16 years old. On a sunny mid-morning I was alone, walking westward in an open alleyway between North Street and Oakland Parkway10/19/21
6/1/67 23:59BoiseIDUSADiskone hourLarge Mining UFO mining resourses on Earth2/24/01
6/1/67 23:00VenturaCAUSACigar5 - 10 minutesSighted light surrounding unknown being and heard sounds as being attempted to look inside home.11/28/07
6/1/67 23:00Hyde ParkPAUSAOther60 sec.Was 12 years old,walking to buddies home it was dark.all sudden bright lights in the sky.Look like satlight maybe one mile above me.To 2/16/99
6/1/67 22:00GerryNYUSADisk3or4 minutes1967 object seen in gerry, new york made no noise as it flew in the sky.4/27/04
6/1/67 22:00Yucca ValleyCAUSALight5 minutes6 family members observe bright light for 5 minutes near Yucca Valley, CA 19677/4/12
6/1/67 22:00LaddoniaMOUSAUnknown3 nightsSeeking Laddonia MO residents who witnessed UFO's on 3 consecutive nights 19678/12/08
6/1/67 21:00CincinnatiOHUSACigar5-10 minutesi was a young girl and i know what a blimp looks like and this was NOT a blimp2/18/01
6/1/67 21:00SumnerWAUSAFormation10-15 min5 objects seen over Sumner WA June of 1967. Objects hovered very close to ground and shined lights.3/7/98
6/1/67 20:30Myrtle CreekORUSACircleinitially 15 minutes last10 PM August 1967 sphere observed by multiple witnesses moving along ridgleline 1/2 mile distance 500 Lights On Object0: Yes12/12/11
6/1/67 20:00West BendWIUSALight15 minutesOrange neon brilliance round.7/11/00
6/1/67 19:30Viet Nam (off coast)Viet NamLight2 minutesSubmerged light under aircraft carrier.6/12/07
6/1/67 18:00CordovaALUSADisk20 minvery large craft, siting dead still in mid air ,very low and in broad daylight, could see the seams in the metal6/18/03
6/1/67 17:00MarionNCUSASphere3-5 minutesIn 1967, I saw a flying/floating brown sphere. ((NUFORC Note: Report from retired Deputy Sheriff. PD))1/9/15
6/1/67 16:00Red OakIAUSALight15 - 20 secondsTwo unidentified extremely bright lights, one large - one smaller, clearly visible on a sunny clear day, moving at incredible speed..2/18/01
6/1/67 16:00Warrensburg on Highway 13MOUSAOther20 secondsMISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: We saw two parallel lights cross in front of our windshield very, very rapidly.10/31/03
6/1/67 15:00TacomaWAUSAOval3 minutes3 objects hovering & flew away too fast to be man made8/16/21
6/1/67 14:00El CerritoCAUSAOval2 minutesMy wife and I saw a flying saucer, which was at about 2000 ft. sitting still. It was oval shape, silver, and looked like something you10/30/06
6/1/67 12:00San DiegoCAUSACircle10 minJune 1967, 2 mirrored objects appeared miles overhead and were motionless for about 10 minutes then going straight up and dissappe11/21/10
6/1/67 06:00St. PaulMNUSADisk4 minutesFighter Jet chases UFO2/14/10
6/1/67 06:00Fort KnoxKYUSACylinder3 minutes((HOAX??)) Fort Knox , Kentucky, Sighting.2/14/08
6/1/67 01:00EdgemoorSCUSADisk2 minutesMyself and 3 friends witnessed a circular shaped craft in the spring of 1967 hovering over a railroad track.3/16/00
6/1/67Oxen HillMDUSASphere45 min.Sightings in the Washington D.C. area, number of crafts seen 3 but farther in space formation of lights. There were a number of sightin1/22/00
6/1/67FarmersvilleOHUSACircleWhat my parents do not lie.6/12/02
6/1/67BangorMEUSACraft landing behind Bangor State Hospital with associated garage door openings and closings in 1967.11/21/10
6/1/67BangorMEUSA10 minutesi was watching the news on WABI-tv,bangor,maine and they had an interview with a bangor police officer, telling how he went to investig12/12/09
6/1/67Shofield Barracks-CivilianHIUSAChanging1-2 hoursInside.7/26/14