National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 09/1965


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
9/27/65 05:00WatervilleMEUSACircle3-5 minutesRound blue circular object hovers and dissolves in Maine.10/7/03
9/23/65 14:00KennewickWAUSAOval3 hrsBADGER CANYON UFO LANDING, SEPTEMBER 1965.9/1/04
9/19/65 18:00DuboisPAUSADisk1-2 minuteshuge disk/saucer with blinking lights.4/9/20
9/15/65 22:00Great BendKSUSAChanging3 minWhite cube that glowed like a lightbulb2/14/06
9/15/65 21:30TerrebonneORUSALight5-6 hoursPairs of RED LIGHTS spinning up, down, spiraling, if playing.8/5/12
9/15/65 20:00TitusvillePAUSATriangle5 secondsMan recalls back in the 1960's of three trangular shaped objects moving northwest over his hometown toward Lake Erie in the night sky.12/2/00
9/15/65 15:00IndianapolisINUSAEgg20 secondsZig Zagging Egg in daytime5/24/05
9/10/65 00:00New KensingtonPAUSACigar30 minutesUfo over filled stadium11/11/03
9/5/65 08:25SpotswoodNJUSACylinder10 secondsSilent Cylinder Hovers over Schoolyard in Central NJ2/14/10
9/1/65 13:00Jefferson CityMOUSASphere2 minutes or soMid 1960's in Jefferson City Mo silver sphere descended and rapidly ascended upon approach of a military jet1/19/05
9/1/65 00:00Azores (aboard USS Albany)AzoresCircle2 HoursRadar Siting of UFOs off Azores from Aboard USS Albany GC10 in Early Fall 19652/24/07