National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 07/1965


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
7/31/65 22:00Pell LakeWIUSAEgg5-6 minutesFour egg-shaped aerial objects were observed in the sky on the evening of July 31, 1965 in Pell Lake, Wisconsin6/12/07
7/30/65 23:00Old LymeCTUSAOval4-5 hrsOval UFO hovers over neighborhood for several hours1/10/09
7/27/65 12:30NorwalkOHUSALight25minIn late July,1965, my sister age 15 and myself age 18 were sitting on the front porch of our home. I was waiting for my boyfriend to s4/27/04
7/25/65 20:00ConcordCAUSAUnknownat least an hourMany miles up in the sky;zigzagged;sharp - immediate change of direction; very fast10/12/01
7/24/65 13:00HighlandMIUSASphere2 minutesCraft was large enough to see with the naked eye7/4/12
7/20/65 23:45PortlandORUSADisk20 minutesA football sized glowing orange saucer shaped object , hovering completely still over head, disappears into the horizon in a flash.11/21/10
7/20/65 20:30Santa AnaCAUSACircle5 Mins.While driving through the intersection of 17'th St. & Prospect Ave., in the Santa Ana/No. Tustin area just before dusk on a Summer even1/28/99
7/20/65 19:00HarrisburgPAUSAOval10 secI'm not sure of the exact date.11/28/07
7/20/65 03:00PulaskiVAUSAFireball5 secondsCould'nt believe it !5/11/05
7/15/65 22:00Pittsfield/AdamsMAUSADiskSeveral OccasionsUFO Spotted on Mt. Greylock in 1960's. Saucer and some kind of a seperate long white light.6/18/03
7/15/65 22:00MansfieldOHUSADisk15minThe night Duke the dog died6/18/04
7/15/65 22:00AuroraOHUSASphere2 minutesIt was late, arond 10 or 11 pm, us guys were near a swamp at the rear of Aurora Lake looked up saw a Red Glowing Orb hovering 15 to 20 1/28/99
7/15/65 21:00WhitesburgKYUSALight45 minLights and sounds on the ground and several strange lights in a cluster3/21/03
7/15/65 21:00OgdenUTUSACircle4-5 hoursCircular object following aircraft then landing on mountain top.12/14/17
7/15/65 18:00StoughtonWIUSALight3-4 minutesA very bright white light, the size of a small house. It "shot" 3 bursts of light at our car, hitting it with loud booms but no feelin11/2/04
7/15/65 18:00HornickIAUSAFireball1/2 min.Bright orange/red fireball crosses sky in western Iowa in summer of 1965.4/27/04
7/15/65 16:00Nyona LakeINUSACigar30 minutesCigar shaped object. 25,000 to 40,000 ft. high. Color silvery and at times white. Summer 1964, 0r 1965. UPI reported it was seen in 8 o3/7/98
7/15/65 15:00WestburyNYUSAEgg1 minuteObject travelled silently around 60(?) MPH.At arms length about fist size-Multi colored and "evaporated".1/31/04
7/15/65 14:00SistersvilleWVUSAFireball20 minutescircular ball of fire, dripping flames but not consumed.12/12/11
7/15/65 14:00San GabrielTXUSAOval30 minutesHigh in the daylight sky, a stationary oval object with a white light surounded by four colored lights9/9/04
7/15/65 06:30JacksonMIUSARectangleminutesglowing white light moving slowly at waist hight4/14/09
7/15/65 03:30Cambridge (Canada)ONCanadaCircle20-30 minAs large as the harvest moon on the ground,and the same colour9/17/03
7/15/65 00:30TehachapiCAUSATriangle20 secLarge delta shape craft passed overhead blocking out the view of stars behind its shape. No sound.9/28/03
7/12/65 18:30Los AngelesCAUSACigar15 Seconds7/12/65 Santa Monica, California Cigar shaped, glowing red/orange in front, blue back half 15 seconds6/12/08
7/12/65 02:15FayettevilleNCUSACircle15 minutesRight around 215 in the morning a green orb came in my bedroom and hovered for about 10mins to 15min. Ive been haunted by this for all3/18/14
7/10/65 20:00San FernandoCAUSAOther1 hourThe shape of the object looked- like a parachutte ( glowing ) moving very slowly across the sky - form my observations it looked like7/4/12
7/7/65 22:30Oak ParkILUSAUnknown10 minutesAfter hovering motionless for hours, a mysterious arial light performs aerodynamically impossible maneuvers.7/23/03
7/7/65 21:00HudsonMAUSALight30-45minSighting of many craft by multiple witnesses on multiple nights, a demonstration.3/10/11
7/6/65 23:00WaterfordMIUSAChanging5 secondsA "shooting star "did an impossible back and forth zigzag pattern9/15/05
7/6/65 00:00Winnemucca/Lovelock (between, on Hwy. 95)NVUSALight45min.lights moving back and forth over the mountain, thien came down on road in front of the car,stayed infront ofcar fora few seconds then 11/2/99
7/4/65 20:00Hains Falls (Catskill Mts.)NYUSALight2.00colored lights in sky dancing for a few mins.12/16/05
7/4/65 19:00Panama City BeachFLUSAFireball3 hoursOne light over ocean became brighter as time passed. One object became 2, 2 became 4, etc. Then one would flash out and disappear, but1/28/99
7/2/65 22:30NarragansettRIUSAEgg15 sec.Golden egg chased by navy fighters. THe egg got away. 1965 New England4/27/04
7/1/65 22:00New OrleansLAUSAUnknown60 secondsSpec of light in sky changes course around another spec of light.6/12/08
7/1/65 21:00MoberlyMOUSALight10-15 minutesBright light crossing the sky, circles the full moon, and crosses back across the sky.3/18/14
7/1/65 20:00Mexicali, baja california (Mexico)MexicoCircle1 minute approxUFO over Mexicali, Mexico - 1960's8/5/01
7/1/65 17:00Mt. VernonILUSADisk5-10 minutesa late summer afternoon in a suburban neighborhood on a very clear day, with a moderate breeze blowing from the west. I looked up to w4/27/04
7/1/65 12:00RingwoodNJUSADisk30 secDaylight sighting of silent hovering disc over Wanaque reservoir4/16/05