National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 09/1962


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
9/29/62 22:00Savannah (Hunter AFB)GAUSAOval3 minutesHunter AFB, Savannah Georgia 1962-1963: Luminous zig-zag disk10/23/13
9/15/62 18:00Island Beach State ParkNJUSADisk2 minutesI saw 3 saucers flying out over the ocean during daylight. They did not spin or make a sound and I will never forget it!2/18/01
9/15/62 14:00Severn (Northhampton) (UK/England)NCUnited KingdomUnknown15 minutesCar electrical system failed, then recovered10/30/12
9/15/62 07:00Puerto RicoPuerto RicoDiskHour and a HalfSpinning lights inside of a small boiling cloud.1/10/09
9/14/62 17:30Wisconsin (rural)WIUSADisk30min.we were walking home after a day of hunting and an orange light came from nowere and shined down on us. it followed us and we shot at i4/26/99
9/4/62 15:30St. LouisMOUSASphere1 Hour plusObservation of spherical white colored craft in geostationary position for 1 hour plus.5/15/06
9/1/62 15:00HopewellVAUSALight5Fast high altitude sunlit object made sharp 90 degree turn before going out of sight.12/12/11
9/1/62 12:00San Juan Island (100 miles North of Seattle)WAUSADisk5 minutes aproxAbout noon, large disk traveled high speed and hovered Impossible maneuvers (to our level of tech). Chased pointlessly by naval jet air1/3/01
9/1/62 12:00SeattleWAUSACircle3 mins.This event occurred many years ago when I was eight. I have never spoken publicly of it, but now, at the age of 45, I am interested in 2/16/00