National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 08/1962


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
8/22/62 20:00Charlottetown (Canada)PECanadaLight3 minutesSpeeding light from horizon stopping and turning 90 degrees at high speed and then hovering overhead.8/7/07
8/16/62 12:00HaverhillMAUSADisk5 minutesTwo Silver Disks observed in broad daylight.1/31/11
8/15/62 20:00Ann ArborMIUSADisk5 minutesI am not sure of the year. I was about 14 or 15 years old had been on a date with a young man I met at a church retreat. It was my firs3/19/09
8/15/62 19:00NenanaAKUSAOval15 minthe object had a large spot light, shining straight down towards the groung.3/21/03
8/15/62 17:30Denver (east of)COUSADisk20 minutesLarge UFO hovering over a high line toweróChased by Airforce Helicopters near Denver, CO in 1962.9/6/02
8/10/62 15:00WellingtonKSUSAUnknown30-40 min.An early 1960's encounter with possible alien occupants near Wellington, Ks4/16/05
8/8/62 14:00LodiOHUSAOther5-10 minutescluster UFO's looked like one craft with.approx. 10-12 circular with bright red lights. Broke apart into seperate craf5/24/05
8/1/62 23:00Ship's BottomNJUSAUnknown5 min.Object seen 11PM, Aug., 1962 or 1963 over ocean, Ship's Bottom, NJ.4/16/05
8/1/62 19:30BeavertonORUSATriangle2 minutesDaytime approach and stopped within short distance and was extremely visible.7/14/13
8/1/62 17:00Hudgson (Canada)MBCanadaOval60 secondsMy mother and I have seen a U.F.O. at very close range. We can identify this object as a flying object unknown to mankind.12/2/00
8/1/62 15:00SavannahGAUSADisk15 minutesa round, disk like craft with circling lights on the underside of it hovered and flew over our neighborhood around 6 pm,8/6212/9/03