National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 08/1960


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
8/30/60 18:30FarmingvilleNYUSACircle15 secondsilluminated discs over Long Island7/5/19
8/28/60 21:00DickinsonNDUSACircle2 minThere was no sound no air movement and it moved off very fast .3/21/03
8/20/60 21:30PittsburghPAUSASphereabout 5min.A white sphere 5-7 ft. in diameter was viewed by about 35 people going form a stationary position to high rate of speed.5/9/03
8/17/60 21:10Long Beach (Terminal Island)CAUSAOther4-5 seconds9/17/1960 -21:10 hours-Terminal Island, Califronia, Four Crescent over LBNSY- observed 4-5 seconds above broken clouds3/31/08
8/16/60 21:00AustinTXUSAFireball<1 minuteFlying orange ahead of Echo I in 1960.9/5/17
8/15/60 23:00Barrhead (Canada)ABCanadaLightnot givenHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: five objects hovering over a power sub station.8/28/03
8/15/60 16:00FraminghamMAUSAOval20 minThe UFO over WKOX Framingham ,MA12/14/06
8/15/60 15:00SaugusMAUSACircle5 minat ten years of age we looked at each other and said "that was no weather balloon !2/18/01
8/13/60 19:00Cottonwood (near)WAUSA15 minutesThe fact that whatever it was, was following ECHO the next night after it was seen by 100s of people in the sacremento valley4/18/12
8/10/60 18:00WatchungNJUSACigar20 secondsCigar shaped object, reddish brown that hummed overhead with hieroglyphics like writing in Watchung New Jersey.9/15/05
8/10/60 01:00BelmontNYUSACircle15-20 minutesa bright light followed a slow zigzag path from the horizon to the zenith then made a right angle turn6/9/09
8/1/60 23:00Crystal (N. Wisconsin Lake)WIUSACircle30secIt was dark and then lit up. A huge white round object (flat?) moved at great speed and disappeared.This was the time when the ufo star3/7/98
8/1/60 18:00BostonMAUSADisk30 minutesObserved strange large disk like craft.5/15/06
8/1/60 18:00CarteretNJUSACigar10 minutesCigar shapped object made no sounds, moved slowly overhead and then with tremendous speed vanished10/30/06
8/1/60 15:00TaftvilleCTUSADisk1 minSaw a white saucer-shaped object hovering over church steeple in day time then just faded away4/9/04
8/1/60 12:00AllentownPAUSACylinder1 hourHistorical color video of major USA event shows presence of UFO7/23/03