National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 06/1959


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
6/30/59 22:00PhiladelphiaUSACircleNo sound very smooth movement flashing different colors then all the same separating then back together12/20/12
6/30/59 21:00PhoenixAZUSADisk<1 minute1959 Saucer shaped object sighting Phoenix Arizona6/23/10
6/30/59 20:00New York City (Bronx)NYUSAOvalApprox. 1/2 hr.My husband and I didn't believe in UFO's until we actually saw one!7/19/10
6/30/59 18:00West GermanyGermanyCylinder20 minutesStrong radar return w/ airborne F-86-D radar at approx. 30,000', first seen while flying N on a practice 90 degree run on wingman.10/29/15
6/30/59 14:00CampbellsportWIUSACircle20 minI was a radar operator at Fallon NAS, we were a parasite unit of the air force. We got a call from the Navy control tower to check out6/12/08
6/30/59 02:30North AtlanticOceanUnknown30 minunidentified radar contact over Atlantic Ocean11/21/10
6/28/59 13:00GlobeAZUSARectangle5 minutesRectangular shape consisting of what resembled plumbing joints connecting the four sides together hovered above us and shot straight up9/2/05
6/25/59 18:00Seaford, Long IslandNYUSADisk3-4 minuteshuge circular craft, had a dome with red lights at bottom ; flying at level of top of a telephone pole, turned 90 degrees in an instant4/22/22
6/23/59 22:00MinneapolisMNUSAFormation2 hrsFlying while in the Marine Corps in a AD Skuraider & with a wing man, at apprx 6,000 ft observed Four Red cly objects estimating at 20,1/17/04
6/15/59 23:00BuffaloWVUSALight~30Lights in night sky over Putnam County, WV in 1959. Two lights collide/merge and debris found the next day.7/16/03
6/15/59 11:15Príncipe (Havana) (Cuba)CubaDiskless than minute42 years ago and I don't remember about the detalis below; maybe some were present.10/12/01
6/15/59 10:00CampbellCAUSADisk10 to 12 Min.3 glowing disc shaped objects2/24/07
6/15/59 08:30MinneapolisMNUSAOther30secondsSilver Bullet12/16/05
6/15/59 01:00Missoula (event at Superior)MTUSAUnknown20 consec nightsTwenty nights of stalking, apparent abduction attempts by Grey "alien" creatures, 1959.6/6/00
6/10/59 13:00MonroeMIUSAUnknown30 min.Observed three very high flying objects fly at unusual maneuvers4/27/07
6/5/59 13:00ArvadaCOUSACircle60 minutessmall round one over Rocky Flats at high altitude in 19598/5/09
6/1/59 22:00NelsonNEUSACigar5 to 10 minthis was told to me from the man who seen the object. it was after a softball game in the summer of 1959. he was in the country going h2/24/01
6/1/59 18:30SidneyOHUSALight5 minutesSaw a bright light shining down. Pulled over to the side of I75 and watched it about 5 min. before it took off very quickly heading ea4/27/07
6/1/59 12:00NashvilleTXUSAUnknown15 MinutesObject seen in sky as a star during daylight was photographed as a flying triangle10/27/04
6/1/59 12:00OrangeCTUSACylinder1 hour?Sighted craft and transport of object to the ground3/19/09
6/1/59 08:00Wabash River (on)INUSACircle15 minutesMetallic object up close2/14/08