NUFORC UFO Sighting 98421

Occurred: 2013-06-04 18:30 Local
Reported: 2013-06-05 00:13 Pacific
Duration: 10-15 minutes
No of observers: 3

Location: Port Macquarie (Australia), , Australia

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object

Two red one white light Triangle formation UFO in NSW, Australia (following/looking for something)

After leaving the local convenience store (Coles) at 18:30 with two of my room mates in their car, my female room mate saw two red lights and one white light, which was brighter than the red ones, in a triangular formation, hovering in the dark in the usual area an aircraft half way between taking off or landing can be seen, heading up or down towards the Airport, in a northern area in the sky above a fair distance above houses near the far end of Park Street adjacent to the roundabout intersection on the top of Hastings River Drive. I then looked back to see at least two red lights and one white light in the triangular formation. I continued to look as it stood still for 5-10 seconds and then moved up and over until it had moved it was upside down, 180 degrees. We then entered the roundabout and lost sight of the lights.

Then again heading up Widerson street from Hasting River Drive I spotted the lights in the same formation, lower and closer to us, almost as if following behind us, motionless for 10-15 seconds before moving slightly closer. Panic kicked in so my female room mate and I stopped looking.

We arrived home, in the area of Widerson street, calmed down and asked my male room mate who was driving the car if he had seen it. He didn't for the obvious reason. 5-10 minutes past from arriving home and my female room mate peered out the curtain of a window facing west and again the triangle patterned lights where there, not more than 75 meters away hovering low, this time my female room mate, my male room mate and I saw it, although our other male room mate was in the room but did not see the UFO. It stayed motionless in the sky and by the time I got out my phone to capture the UFO on camera it had vanished.

My female room mate believe that from what she saw the UFO may have been bell shaped but she could not see the top. My male room mate and I cannot describe the UFO with any further accuracy than the three lights and their formation. One thing all three of us agree on is that the UFO made NO sound. Unfortunately my female room mate and I forgot to bring our phones in the car and my room mate who was driving didn't think to pass his phone to my female room mate or I.

All three of us have spiritual beliefs close to spiritist. We have recently started a non-processed foods diet and we all have been making major life/career decisions the last few weeks. I meditate daily and recently have been researching zero point energy generators as well as electromagnetic gravity modifying devices and space crafts. When meditating I often ask guidance in the workings of these devices. I have also been creating 'energy centers' in our home to amplify our bio-electromagnetic fields (some people may not know anything about energy centers etc so just skip that if you want.) The night before we witnessed the UFO I had an extremely lucid dream in which I was in a house, white light pored in from the windows and a tall and 'lanky' grey being entered the room. I felt no fear just excitement and curiosity as it approached. It seemed to communicate without physical sound. I conversed with it for what seemed like hours before it left. The dream then speed forwards to the next night. My mother was now also in the house with me as the same thing happened with the light poring in the windows. My mother was scared for my safety as I walked outside into the light. Nothing dramatic happened, once more I conversed with the same entity outside and I asked my mother to come out side and meet this being, whom I felt I had known for a long time before meeting.

As mad as this dream sounds I had to include it into this description as I feel it may be significantly related to the UFO sighting. I would like to ask if the person who reads this, weather or not it is put on the website database, could post their thoughts on the website and maybe any concerns you may have to convey about the intentions of the entities for which the UFO may be a part of.

From what I gather, it seemed as if the UFO was looking for something, or possibly following after something bellow.

Posted 2013-07-03

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