NUFORC Sighting 97733

Occurred: 2013-05-12 22:30 Local
Reported: 2013-05-14 20:16 Pacific
Duration: 15 minutes
No of observers: 4

Location: Rockford, IL, USA

Shape: Fireball
Characteristics: Changed Colo

Eight globes like if they were full of fire inescapable from the bright globe flew silently over Rockford, IL.

On the date 05/12/13 at about 22:30 and 22:45 I was outside my house in the dark, since our street is one of the street in the city of Rockford,IL. that has the street lights shut off. I was making sure that my car was locked before going in the house, When I noticed a light moving slowly,silently in the dark sky toward my direction,It looked like a circle with what it seemed to be a bright red and bright yellow, like a fire contained with in the circle, There was no blinking,just a bright red mixture of fire like mixture all contained with in the circle,there was no smoke,no sound,just a slow moving object at a very low altitude {about a 3/4 of a mile high}, As I was observing this craft move and pass almost over me,I situated myself as close to the house wall as possible as to pretend to be part of the house,not moving.As the first craft was gliding over me at the described altitude ,I noticed a second craft also coming from the same direction{from the West m! oving East}, The separating distance from the first craft I calculate to be about 4 city blocks,This craft was also identical in description{If you have seen in you tube a video of the functioning sun and all the hot colors,That is exactly how these crafts looked inside that circle}, The speed of the second craft was similar to the one of the first craft,As the second craft was passing over us{same altitude},I noticed 2 crafts coming from the same direction about 4 city blocks separating distance,These 2 crafts were flying side by side{somewhat close to each other}. Needless to say by now I was very scared,and planning to get myself into the house asap.I went into the house and told my wife what I saw and ask her to come to the front porch of the house,By this time there were two more crafts coming from the same direction at somewhat faster pace{still I feel that it was slow speed for a UFO}but I felt that these two crafts were in a little faster pace , perhaps trying to catch! up to the first four crafts.My wife saw these two crafts and! she als o could not figure out what they were{We are absolutely sure that they were not airplane,helicopters or anything man me and my wife were looking at the two crafts,I noticed 2 more crafts coming from the same direction in the distance{4 city blocks}By now I called my next door neighbor and told him to come out and see what was going on outside,He came out and had a cell phone{Iphone5}and was able to still catch some seconds of video of the crafts as they seemed to gather high in the Eastern sky. Also outside was my neighbor`s grand daughter{15 years old},We have the video:

I would like to put emphasis on the size of the globes that I saw,They were all the same in size and color,There were no sounds,Low altitude as if they were taking a deeper and closer look at the Earth, I have a son that is a police officer ,He said that there were no calls from people reporting seeing this cr! afts.Also the Chicago-Rockford International Airport{In Rockford,IL}is located about one mile away from the location where this sighting occurred, I do not know if they detected anything that night. These crafts definitely were fallowing a route,had organized spacing,control in the speed of movement,formation and synchronization.

Posted 2013-05-15

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