NUFORC UFO Sighting 95319

Occurred: 2010-08-13 21:30 Local
Reported: 2012-12-18 07:08 Pacific
Duration: 20 minutes
No of observers: 3

Location: Eagle Lake, ME, USA

Shape: Circle
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aircraft nearby

Cirular craft that had lights making a full circle, and large dome light in center.

This is just info as to where we were and why we were there at the time of sighting.

It was late on Friday the 13th in august about 21:30 eastern time, my girlfriend her friend and myself went up the road to use a cell phone to make a long distance call. I live in a very northern area so there is no cell service where I live, so we went to the top of the road in my car to get service about 2 miles north of my house. My girlfriend’s friend was calling her boyfriend who was on his way up from downstate, as the phone was ringing I heard a very loud sound coming from outside of my car. I asked my girlfriend “do you hear that” and she said “yea it sounds like a jet”, I said” there’s no way thats a jet it’s way too loud”.

I got out of the car because this sound was so loud that if it was a jet, it would have been landing right near us the sound was thunderous. When I stepped out of the car, I looked up and coming directly over us was a craft with lights going all the way around making a full circle. The lights on it were yellowish white red and green alternating around the whole craft, and at the back of the craft (based on the direction of travel I assumed it was the back) it was slightly flat across the back. It also had a light in the center of the craft there was a dome light that was yellowish white like a low wattage conventional light bulb. I was so shocked I started yelling at the other two passengers in the car “ get out of the f@#$ing car you guys got to see this?" I yelled that until they were out of the car and they got out and saw it too.

The craft was coming from a southwestern direction and moving towards the northeast, it moved at a fairly slow rate and must not have been more than 500-1000 feet high (made this estimate based on how large the object appeared to be) when it was directly above my car it had to be about three times wider than my car. We watched the craft continue on a northwestern coarse it tok about five minates before it was pretty far away and the lights were getting smaller. I noticed that the shape of the craft changed like it was leaning sideways, it started to turn around made a very wide turn and came back towards us. When it got back closer to us it headed to the southwest towards the lake behind my house, we drove down the road to follow the object and ended up stopping at the boat landing. We could see it for about another five minutes and continued past the lake directly towards Mt. Katahdin.

We lost sight of it the whole sighting must have been 20-25 minutes, after the craft was no longer in sight we stayed there for a few minutes. After we lost visual sight of it we started to see many planes in the sky(could tel they were planes because of FAA lights) after 5-10 minutes of losing visual of the craft there were numerous planes in the sky. There were so many planes going back and forth like they were going in a grid pattern at one point we all tried to count the planes and could count 15 in our sight at one time. This went on for about a half hour, before we left and it seemed clear to me that these planes were looking for something. (very unusual to see more than two planes in the sky above this very rural area) I watch the sky’s very often out here because I have seen strange objects in the sky few times before, one time a craft came over our house that looked similar and resulted in a total power loss of our neighborhood once the object was far power came ba! ck on.

This sighting for us was crystal clear, the object was very low and the lights showed the shape of the craft it was a circle with a flat back, it had a decently large yellowish dome light right in the center of the craft, and the smaller lights going all the way around the craft yellowish red and green in that order alternating. We are certain as to what we saw my girlfriend still describes it in the same way over two years later. The sighting was so spectacular that if I were alone by now I would have doubted what I saw if I didn’t have someone to confirm what we saw. Since that sighting I have seen a couple other unidentifiable objects, but none as low or close as this particular one.

Posted 2012-12-20

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