NUFORC Sighting 90153

Occurred: 2012-06-25 11:38 Local
Reported: 2012-06-27 12:00 Pacific
Duration: 4 minutes app.
No of observers: 1

Location: Janesville, WI, USA

Shape: Cigar
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object

Bright white UFO, in the shape of a cigar or disc, observed over Janesville, WI at approx. 11:34-11:38 on June 25th, 2012.

I was traveling South on Hwy. 51 from Edgerton, WI and was located approx. 2 and a half miles past the Hwy M turn off to Indianford.

I had gone up the hill and curve about 4 miles from Janesville, at which point the road starts straitening out and the view is less obstructed by trees.

I was looking in the sky, hoping to see clouds, (as we have been very dry in this part of the state), and I noticed an unusual object traveling slowly and veering towards the city of Janesville on a S.E. path.

This object had a bright round center and seemed to be elongated on the metallic, silver sides. There was like a haze around the entire object but the center was a very bright white. It looked like a bright star with an outline where wings should be.

It was traveling slowly enough at first that I thought it was an aircraft. I slowed down to keep the object in sight and realized that there was no jet stream.

There were no flashing lights. There was no sound. The angle of ascent was not like a plane, as it was climbing at a near 90 degree angle.

By the time I reached the last stretch of highway, before reaching hwy. 14, with the jail in sight,the object was moving S.E. and upward at an incredible speed and just disappeared. I figured that it disappeared very high in the sky, but, if I had been standing right under it and looking up, I think the last place I would have seen the object would have been right around the post office area on Hwy. 26 or Milton Ave.

When I first observed this craft it seemed to be traveling at an angle of about 60-70 degrees then rapidly changed to about 80-85 degrees on acceleration. The last impression I had of this craft was a glowing rectangle, outlined black.

This is the second sighting Ive had of UFO craft.

The first was unreported in the winter of 1975 or 1976. My cousin was with me as well and the space craft was literally hovering over us and the top of a now dead Oak tree, for approximately five minutes. There are questions about time displacement I have been struggling with for years about that event.

The reason I bring that up is because although the crafts style was very much different, the flight behavior was very similiar. They both had a gradual acceleration and then "poof", outta sight.

Posted 2012-07-04

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