NUFORC UFO Sighting 89989

Occurred: 2012-01-18 18:45 Local
Reported: 2012-06-23 15:16 Pacific
Duration: 10 minutes
No of observers: 0

Location: Fort Washington, PA, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object

Confirmation of two Philadelphia area sightings

This is a confirmation of the below two sighting reports (shown below).

MUFON # 35024 (#1 below) MUFON # 34937 (#2 below) Additionally, a Delaware sighting later that same evening bears similarity to the three observations in PA that night.

NUFORC # S86669 (#3 below) and, the previous evening, SW of the three PA sightings on 18 January, a very similar craft was observed.

NUFORC # S86663 (#4 below) interestingly, reporter #1 saw a single craft the previous evening.

I arrived home in the time-frame of the two below reports (~6:45 PM). As I backed into my parking space, I observed two sets of lights toward a mostly East direction. Initial observation indicated to me that they were a pair of military helicopters in the distance. I assumed this due to the fact that the 'choppers' were in a somewhat typical flight pattern. That being one offset and a bit higher/lower than the second.

As I walked to my mailbox, I watched and assumed that they would be coming nearly directly toward/over me as this is the typical flight path for aircraft traveling East toward McGuire AFB / Lakehurst NAS. I have many low-level flyovers of military aircraft to these military locations. I am approximately 40 miles from these facilities.

As I watched, I realized that the craft were flying in, from my perspective, a more Southerly direction. This is a bit of an unusual flight path for low altitude aircraft. My view was obscured periodically by leafless trees and a couple of homes.

As the craft traveled it became obvious that the direction had changed as indicated in #2 below. This direction change put the path coming nearer to me. I am NW of Philadelphia.

As the two craft came into full-view in my South direction, and at the apparent nearest, I had an unobscured view for about 30 seconds. What I observed was different than those below. It was not until this point that I became really interested in the craft. This was my nearest observation of them.

As indicated below, there was absolutely NO sound coming the craft.

I observed what appeared to be two individual aircraft. The leading craft was lower than the following one. What I saw were four lights. Three white and one red, on each of the objects. There was NO symmetry in the lighting pattern. I saw no variation in intensity of the lights. Additionally, I am / was unable to put a shape to the objects in question. The position of the lights on the craft made no sense.

The lighting configuration on both craft were identical.

I first saw the craft at a 7 degree elevation (this elevation number is quite accurate) and 81 degrees toward the East. Utilizing the location information from #1 below and a distance of 19 miles from my location, would yield an altitude of 2.3 miles above witness #1. I believe that I first saw the objects very close to the time as seen by #1 below.

When the craft were nearest to me, the elevation was approximately 11 degrees. Utilizing the information from #2 below, that being turning West, distance from me to the objects would be approximately 2 miles. This yields an altitude of about 1/2 mile. Obviously, there is a problem here.

I had the objects in view for some period of time. It was not beyond 10 minutes.

Utilizing a 10 minute time-line and the distance traveled by the objects as seen by me, approximately 25 miles, yields a speed of 150MPH. Again, different than the speed indicated in #2 below.

Although there variations in the observations, there is no doubt that all three observations were of the same objects during the same time period.

What they were is certainly unknown to us. The flight looked 'military' in formation.

Possibly some 'stealth' type plane / chopper.

But who knows ? #1 January 18th at 6:40PM Levittown, PA MUFON # 35024 . .(17th sighting information) . . . On January 18th at 6:40PM I was driving in Levittown, PA southbound on Woodbourne Rd shortly past the roads intersection with Business Route 1, heading towards Trenton Rd. Above the residential section to my left, I saw two sets of three horizontal lights that appeared to be stationary to my left. One set of lights was slightly above and to the right of the other from my vantage point. The lights were the same as I witnessed the night before, but now there were two sets of them. I drove into the section to get as close to the lights as I could. At 6:41PM, I called a relative who resides in the section to look at the objects. As I got closer and towards the end of the residential section as it met Bristol Oxford Valley Rd, the lights started to move and again as had happened the night prior, the large sets of three horizontal white lights were no longer visible. The lights flew over the edge of the residential section and Woodbourne Rd ! in the Southwest direction. At one point I was only a few hundred feet from being directly under the objects. I could hear no sound being emitted from them. I followed the direction of the two aircraft as I headed towards my relatives house. I was now behind the aircraft. The structure of the lights resembled a cross or plus symbol with two white lights on the sides with two vertical red lights on top of each other in the middle. The lights were blinking. I arrived at my relatives house and we watched the objects fly Southwest towards Northeast Philly in formation from a window in the upstairs of the house. Approximately 5 minutes had gone by between first sighting them and their lights fading as they flew too far to see.

#2 January 18th at 6:45PM Northeast Philadelphia, PA MUFON # 34937 Four family members, including myself, were walking returning home after grocery shopping in Northeast Philadelphia, PA at around 6:45PM on Wednesday, January 18, 2012. We first noticed the lights flying very low and close to each other back to back, almost as in a flight formation, with absolutely no sound. We could not make out a solid object around the lights that we witnessed. At first, both sets of lights appeared to be in a single horizontal line, with white lights on the sides and a large red light in the center. My son ran inside and grabbed his HD camera, and after zooming in, we realized that the large red light in the center was actually two red lights stacked one above the other. Because of this, the lights looked like the following • : • Again, in the video footage (to be uploaded at a later date), the lights on the sides were white and the two in the center were red; there were two of these sets of lights, making for 8 lights in total. In formation, they appeared to be diagonally flying next to each other, with one on the bottom left and one on the top right. The pair appeared to fly almost directly over us and then drifted off towards the west, over neighboring Montgomery County, PA. The lights speed was slow, possibly traveling at 10 to 20 MPH. My son claims to have seen one of the sets of lights shoot up into the sky, while we saw the other one disappear beyond the tree line. I personally did not witness the first set of lights shoot up. What we witnessed was definitely not anything ordinary, especially since I am usually skeptical of UFO sightings.

#3 January 18th (reported at 7:17 PM, 19:17) Lincoln, DE NUFORC # S86669 i saw blinking lights in the sky, & think it was hovercrafts.

I went to take my dogs outside when I noticed 3 blinkings lights in the sky. They looked like they were far away and I assumed they were planes... that is until I realized they weren't moving, just hovering. I ran inside and got my littler brother who came and had a look for himself. The lights appeared to be moving just a tiny bit but not too much. One went dark then came back on.. then After a few minutes both of them stopped blinking and it looked like they disappeared. - By the way they were changing from red to white in color.

#4 Occurred : 1/17/2012 23:00 (Entered as : 1/17/2012 23:00) Reported: 1/18/2012 8:50:34 AM 08:50 Posted: 1/24/2012 Location: West Chester, PA Shape: Triangle Duration:8 - 10 minutes Slow low flying unidentified craft Front of craft had multiple very bright white lights, something between 3 and 5. Craft was flying very low level and moved very slowly, appeared to be heading from north to south with no deviation of course. Back of craft revealed blinking red lights, two or three. This craft travelled within a very close distance of Brandywine Airport, but passed it by. When the craft travelled overhead a sound of a jet engine was present but very faint. Was very odd for the slow speed of the plane and very low sound output. I was surprised the craft did not fall out of the sky. It appeared to be moving no faster than 40 mph. Any assistance that could be provided with finding out if this was "one of ours" would be greatly appreciated.

Posted 2012-07-04

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