Occurred: 2012-05-28 21:20 Local
Reported: 2012-05-28 22:35 Pacific
Duration: 21:45
No of observers: 3

Location: Omaha, NE, USA

Shape: Circle

Red glowing light seen over West Omaha sky evening of 05/28/2012

Hello, this event just took place on 05/28/2012 from the time period 21:25 to 21:45.I was going to the bathroom 2nd floor in a house that is on a fairly good sized hill.Sitting on the toilet looking out the window i was looking and when appeared a bright red light above the tree line.I watched this red light which traveled slowly and methodically without blinking or moving wildly.It seemed it was looking for something or was programmed on a slow paced circular pattern above the area of the city.At that time i called for my brother to come see what i was looking at. He ran upstairs and we watched it together. The red light started to dim and then slowly faded completely.We could still see the darkness of the craft,i threw open the window and could hear no motor or any type of small engine sounds coming from that area in the sky.It then slowly moved out of my line of sight and disappeared.I then ran downstairs and outside the backdoor,down on the lawn so we could! see better. It was around 5 minutes standing outside waiting when almost ready to go inside because of biting misquitoes when another red light very similar to the first light appeared in the same area as when i saw the first one. This object looked brighter and moved very similar but the light stayed consistant this rime never fading,it was almost cigar shaped like a torch but then became smaller and more cylyndrical like a circle.We watched until it slowly and methodically disappeared westward towards the horizon.It was less than 5 minutes again when appeared in the same vacinity as the first two,a massive bright torchlike shaped cigar which was 10 times brighter than the first two.Following very close near that location was an immense bright "white" light from a mid-sized what appeared to be a military plane headed towards my direction,toward the military base-Offutt/Space-Strat Com. Bellevue,Nebraska.The red object then floated slowly and traveled in a similar ! pattern as the first two,it traveled this slow pattern again h! eading w estward toward the horizon.These lights seemed to be individual separate lights.Never blinking or flashing just the first mentioned which faded then re-appeared.I think it was probably a military test craft or drone,just my opinion but I wanted to make sure i wrote this report as quickly as I saw it asap.Thank you.

Posted 2012-05-29

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