NUFORC UFO Sighting 87936

Occurred: 2012-03-20 21:00 Local
Reported: 2012-03-21 21:29 Pacific
Duration: 4+ hours
No of observers: 2

Location: Northborough, MA, USA

Shape: Disk
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aircraft nearby

Strange Craft with Pulsating Lights of Red-Green-Blue Hovering Over Central Massachusetts on Consecutive Nights

On the evening of March 20th, 2012 I stepped outside into the night air; it was a beautiful night with multitudes of stars visible in the sky and our area had been experiencing unseasonably warm (hot) weather. I had a sense for a few days that something was different in the atmosphere. The day before I had told my Mom that I sensed an "eery stillness / quietness on the roads & outside in the sun, etc." So anyway, a couple of nights later when it was hot & humid I went out into the backyard and looked up at the sky. It was around 9:00 pm. I saw many stars, but there appeared to be something that was changing colors. And this one object (or whatever it was) was not "flying" across the sky like all the other aircraft going back & forth to Logan Airport. It was kind of hovering there in the sky in the South-Westerly direction towards or over Shrewsbury or Worcester. It seemed far away, but I could see it . . and it was different. This object appeared t! o emit a beam or beams of colored light ONCE IN A WHILE from the sides and/or the top and bottom. I called my Mom to come and take a look at it, and tell me what she saw,i.e. what she thought. We couldn't believe what we saw. But keep in mind at this time (9 pm - 10 pm) it was far away. As the night went on and all the other bodies in the nightsky moved in tandem with the earth (as the moon does) so did this "object" - - - and it became clearer (or CLOSER!) to see around 10:30 pm onward! Around 23:00 hours (11:00 pm) we COULD REALLY SEE that this was NOT a planet, and we could both agree that we saw pulsating light changes of RED-BLUE-GREEN! Fascinating. . . didn't want to go to bed . . but we did.

On the following night, which is now - Wednesday evening March 21, 2012 - I had a feeling it may be there again. And it was! I just had to see it, but this time I went and got some high powered binoculars - anything I could use to get a closer look! And on this evening it had the same pattern of movement, but I noticed a perfect triangular shape with 3 lights on each corner hovering underneath this "object". The triangle seemed massive and quiet and black. Mom and I really felt that this original object from the night before was a UFO, because with the binoculars on this night when it seemed closer to the earth around 23:00 hours (11 pm), we both saw square windows around the perimeter of a disc!! And now we could see that this is where the colored lights were pulsating from. You could clearly make out a disc shape and an aliveness to the vehicle/craft. At this time of night the object/craft/whatever was more in a Westerly direction from our backyard. Kind of amazin! g stuff . . and wondering what they are doing.

Oh and by the way, a couple of nights ago when our temperatures got very warm, before I witnessed this anomaly, I had my bedroom windows open all night. The next morning I woke up and told my Mom that I had trouble sleeping because I heard strange grinding machine-like noises in the sky ALL night . . into the early am hours. There were no cars passing by and it was otherwise quiet outside our rural suburban neighborhood. But that noise was there - all night. It was annoying and I didn't know what it was. Just FYI. Interesting . . and Strange.

Posted 2012-05-13

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