NUFORC Sighting 87570

Occurred: 2011-04-11 00:00 Local
Reported: 2012-03-10 07:35 Pacific

Location: Yahk (Canada), BC, Canada

Characteristics: Aura or haze around object, Left a trail

YAHK, BC. UFO photographed off our deck on our property.


Hello UFO investigators.
This email is being sent to several UFO sites for your review and it has already been sent to Sightings. You all are welcome and free to post this photo and our experience on your web sites. UFO CASEBOOK, MUFON, THE NATIONAL UFO REPORTING CENTER,

You can either use our name or remove it, it matters not to me but I do Believe everyone should see This one.

My name is ((name deleted)) and last April 19, 2011 my wife, ((name deleted)) and I were standing on our deck over looking the (south to south east) valley view we have on our property in Yahk, BC. Canada.

We watch the sky allot and it was almost dark and my wife was taking pictures of the night sky and, all of a sudden, very strange lights appeared right before her eyes and she started snapping pictures. while
this object crawled across the sky like a centipede in very strange patterns leaving a beautiful colorful trail of it's path.

As this was going on I turned to look and right after that it turned into very large Orbs, which the best way I can explain what I witnessed, in the sky what looked like very large round orange colored orbs,
pulsating lights like jelly fish glowing as they do under the deep ocean, and then suddenly rapidly pop away from each other like pop corn would, and disappear right before our eyes....

This all happened suddenly in front of our eyes while we were watching the beauty of the deep blue evening sky on our property.

My wife ((name deleted)) was very excited of the lights, after taking the pictures with a FUGIFILM FINEPIX camera, but thought they did not turn out at first because there are blurry ones that were also taken. Because of this the camera was put away until my daughter, ((name deleted)), opened it up much later to look for her pictures and found this clear picture between the blurry ones, and upon looking at all the other pictures we took that night, you can clearly see large round orbs just before they popped away.

I notice in the trail the ufo left behind, this object descended from space and after the color red, the craft turned at 90 degree right angles, and aprox 180 degrees after the green color trail, and emits
less color when traveling in curves or straighter lines. This device demonstrates intelligent design and we are happy to share this photo to everyone for your opinions and review..


((name deleted))

Posted 2012-03-13

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