Occurred: 2012-01-10 17:50 Local
Reported: 2012-01-10 17:22 Pacific
Duration: 15 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Savage, MD, USA

Shape: Oval
Characteristics: Lights on object

Very large circular object moving VERY slowly with orange lights covering the whole of the ship

I was at my job walking out to the trailer yard to smoke a cigarette. I work in an industrial park and the area I was in was cleared of trees and obstructions. I looked toward the south and there was a circular object moving VERY slowly right above the treeline. The oval object had orange circular lights going around the whole of the ship and I stood there crossing out everything that it could be in my mind. It was most definetly NOT a balloon or a cloud or a plane or a helicopter. It was moving so slow that a plane has to be crossed out and if it was some stealth kind of military plane the shape was all wrong. It was NOT sleek or strong looking. Actually it looked sort of huge and clunky. It looked like something out of like a 50’s sci fi movie and not some newfound classic CGI spaceship that adorn our movie screens today. I knew that the ship was soon going to descend out of my sight beyond the treeline so I yelled at one of my coworkers who was approximat! ely 50 feet away. As I ran over to her the object just reached a point where it could not be seen anymore. I asked her, “Did you see that UFO?” and she said, “Is that what it was? I saw it and I don’t know WHAT that was…” The object if I had to estimate was very large I would say half a football field in length (150 feet) and I was appox. 150 feet away when I saw it. I witnessed the craft for about 15 seconds. It was dusk and I think that actually helped in assuring me it was a UFO and not something else. If it had been completely dark I would have probably chalked it up to something natural because then I could have ONLY seen the lights. Although it was too dark to accurately identify the color of the ship I could at least see the outline and it was in my opinion not of this world. As a side note, my job is one exit off the highway away from Fort Meade. We are literally yards away from this military base and approx. 20 minutes north of Washingon, DC.

Posted 2012-01-12

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