NUFORC Sighting 85491

Occurred: 2011-11-21 02:19 Local
Reported: 2011-11-25 23:34 Pacific
Duration: 10 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Woodland, CA, USA

Shape: Unknown

early morning abduction / visitation on november21,2011

This event took place in my bed at my mothers house in the early morning hours of November 21, 2011.This is a report of an abduction by what I believe to be of alien origin.

It began as a feeling of something approaching my bedroom and I thought that it was the family cat making his way to my bedroom. The house has hardwood floors and that makes it easy to hear footfalls approaching the room you’re in. The footfalls were very light and faint and that’s what made me think they were from the cat. The next thing I know the “cat” was on my bed and I could feel it next to my head. I thought it was strange that the cat was able to jump up onto the bed and get to the far side of my head with out me noticing him walking over there.

The “cat which I will now call the ENTITY because I later believed that this is more closely a description of what was interacting with me. I tried to reach up with my hand and pet the “cat” but I could not feel him there . Next I felt him on my thighs and again I thought it strange that he could travel down to my legs without me noticing him walking down there. Once I felt him on my thighs I reached down to pet him again and once more he was not there , I could not feel him.

The room was dark and I was underneath a down comforter and a light quilt as the event continued. My whole body was now underneath the covers and my hands were laying on my chest, my body laid out straight , and I was lying on my back, eyes open. The next thing I realize is a feeling of strange energy-like infused foggy mist forming above my bed. The darkness in the room was being lit up slightly by this energized fog. In my mind I felt a very weird feeling of confusion and a feeling of something taking over my thoughts in some strange way. I should say that words can’t accurately describe what exactly was going on inside my mind, so the reader of this should just bear with me on this description.

The thoughts of the “cat” being on me was something I feel was a foreign thought being put in my mind to make me feel ok with what was going on. Again words can’t describe this feeling, I felt confused but not scared…YET. The very next thing that happened was a feeling of being stood up against a wall that had a depression in it the exact width of my body, with my hands at my side. This wall looked like wood grained paneling and my face was just a fraction of an inch away from touching it. The next feeling was that of motion. This motion was like the wall gave way and my whole body was moving forward into this wall, I was still standing as I moved into the wall. The motion continued forward then either up or down or I really cant say which way I was headed. The motion stopped and I felt like I was still in my bedroom though. The room I was in looked just like my bedroom, but I think that’s because this thought was being placed into my mind.

The next thing I see is an object that looked like an elongated cell phone with a touch screen face on it. This object was about eight inches long and the width was about 2 inches across. The screen of this object was lit and had something like letters or symbols scrolling across it . The vision of this object was so clear and real to me that I began to really wonder what the hell was it doing floating above me . this device was floating above my left side perpendicular to the bed surface facing to my right side. I then noticed that it was streaming a strange light up over my body to a point up on the wall to my right about a foot from the ceiling. Now this really puzzeled me and that’s when I began to feel panicked. It was right then that I felt that this was really happening and It was impossible that this could be going on. I then felt that I should try to grab this device and make it stop scanning me. I could not move a muscle, I found my whole body paralyzed, the onl! y way I was seeing this take place was through my eyes that could not move either. I could only see what was in my field of vision all the way out to my peripheral limits.This was enough to see the whole room wall to wall. I was very scared to find myself paralyzed with this device traveling the length of my body up and down . I decided to scream and see if that at least made my mother hear me and come rescue me from this madness. I tried to scream and nothing came out, I tried harder as I began to really panic, tears were streaming down my cheeks now and inside my mind I was screaming like a frightened child. I had the feeling that an Entity was in that room with me and they were not going to stop doing what they were doing. I couldn’t see any “person” holding that device but I was sure they were near and controlling the whole situation. I tried to scream one last time and this time I heard a quiet scream eminate from my mouth and echo in the room.

Well this was enough apparently to scare away whatever was doing this to me. The device disappeared and the foggy mist was gone. I thought to try to see if I was still paralyzed and thank god I could now move my arms and turn my head. It was nothing like waking from a dream, it was like being released from a paralyzed state. My eyes were open the whole time, and now I realized how frightened I was because the tears were wet on my face, I was shaking and I was out of breath. My next thought was to make my way out of bed before whatever it was came back and paralyzed me again. I was so scared like I never have been In my whole life. It took every bit of courage I had to get out of bed and run to my mothers room. I am a 50 year old man and I felt like a three year old running to my mommy for help. I did make it out of the bedroom and down the hall to her room. I spoke to her as I approached her room and she woke up and turned on her light to find me standing there shivering an! d crying asking her if she heard me scream. She said no she did not hear me scream and what was goin on, why was I waking her up, what was the matter. I thought this entity was just in the other room still watching me, so I was whispering that something weird just visited me in bed and that I thought it was still close by. We stayed in her room and talked about what happened for about an hour until I calmed downed. She tried to make me believe that it was a dream but I have had dreams and nightmares before and this was not anything like that. This essentially ends the event for the moment. It happened again about an hour later after I returned to bed, but that will be for a different time to report if at all because I can’t say for sure it wasn’t a bad dream caused by the original event…

Posted 2011-12-12

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