NUFORC Sighting 85392

Occurred: 2011-11-16 17:40 Local
Reported: 2011-11-18 11:24 Pacific
Duration: 40 minutes
No of observers: 5

Location: Kayenta, AZ, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aircraft nearby

UFO lights near Kayenta, AZ

On Wednesday, November 16th, 2011, at approximately 5:40p m in the town of Kayenta, Arizona 3 of my children and I were playing basketball outside on the drive way when we saw strange blinking lights in the Eastern sky from our position. The temperature on that evening was about 40 degrees, not much of a breeze, no moon to show for, and the sun was about to set over the mesa in the west.

My oldest daughter was the first to see the lights and then my third oldest son and then my second oldest daughter. My oldest daughter and my son called my name to get my attention to look at the lights. When I turned to look, I only saw a light indigo/purplish color sky with the North Star shining bright about ¼ up into the sky. I said, "Where?" My kids pointed and said, "Right there!" They were pointing eastwards just beneath the North Star. I repositioned myself on top of the bed of my truck. I had to re-focus my attention against the darkening sky. Then I saw the lights. The lights were like lights on an airplane or helicopter only it wasn’t.

Aircraft lights was what came to my mind but how wide the lights made the object, changed that thought. There were about 15 blinking lights in a row (in a straight line pattern from our position). Most of the lights were evenly placed from each other but on the left end there was a group of four lights that were close together (See small design below. This design might change if copied and pasted).

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The lights were white in color and against the background of the sky were no bigger or brighter than the stars. The blinking lights were irregular and all blinked at different times. All the lights were permanently placed but moved as a whole, as if it belonged to an immense spacecraft.

I would place the unidentified object approximately 25-30 miles wide. The distance from light to light for a majority of the even placed lights was approximately 2 miles. From our position the unidentified object was approximately 40-50 miles away, 3-4 miles high and moving slowly in a North Western direction. My wife and I calculated these numbers after hours of discussing the event and looking over pictures through the internet and television in the following 2 days.

We could not see the outline or the unidentified object itself. We could see fog or somewhat looks like clouds beneath and surrounding the lights. What was also strange about what we saw was that we could see the sky behind or through the blinking lights as if the object were transparent. I was thinking this object could not be of any aircraft on Earth. Not airplane, not helicopter, not hot air balloon, not weather balloons, or any unmanned drone. There was no sound coming from the object either.

At approximately 5:46pm I called my wife who was at the local grocery store working. I was outside with my kids observing the object in the East when I called her. I told her we see lights of a UFO. She said, “Where?!” I said, “Towards the East!” She said, “Wait!” That’s when she went outside to look for herself. She said, “Where is it at?!” I said, “Do you see the North Star?!” She said, “Yes!” I said, “Look just below it! There is a line of blinking lights! Do you see it?!” She said, “I can’t see it. I’m not good at looking at specific details”. I said, “Just look below the North Star. There is a line of blinking lights.” She said, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I see it!” Then I said, “I recorded it on my phone. I got it on video”. When I checked my phone later that evening I couldn’t find the video. I discovered then that I didn’t actually record the sighting. I thought I pressed the record button but didn’t press it hard enough to initiate the recording.

While observing the unidentified object in the East with my kids, I called my brother, who lives in Mesa, Arizona, at approximately 5:48pm. I said, “We see lights of a UFO!” He said, “What? Where?” Then I explained to him exactly what I was seeing and what the UFO was doing. I asked my brother if he was near his computer. He said, “Yeah”. I said, “Look up the phone number where we can report UFO’s and call me back.” He said, “The National UFO Center or something?” I said, “Yeah.” At approximately 5:57pm I called the local Police Department to report the strange lights. I was outside with my kids when I made the call watching the unidentified object which was approximately in a North Eastern direction now. The dispatcher said, “Police Department.” I said, “Hi, I would like to report……is there a number where we can report strange objects…..cause…..this might sound kind of funny but I see….” The dispatcher said, “You mean the lights in the sky?” I said, “Yeah”. The dispatcher said, “We already got calls about that”. I said, “Oh, ok. Thank you”.

Then at approximately 6:00pm I called my brother again. I returned back inside the house at this time. I asked him, “Did you find the number?” He said, “Yeah”. I wrote down the number to the NUFORC to report the event. I first reported it to the NUFORC at 6:04pm.

After reporting the incident, my kids and I stepped back outside into the night to check for the mysterious lights in the sky. The lights were now in a northern direction. At this time the night sky was clear. We could clearly see the stars and there were no longer any clouds or fog that we saw earlier when the object was located in the east. If there were traces of clouds or fog then the night sky hid it from our view.

My 3 kids and I observed the unidentified object, from start to finish, for about 40 minutes until it disappeared over the horizon of rocks north of Kayenta at approximately 6:20pm. After it disappeared over the horizon my wife arrived home from work.

At 6:23pm NUFORC called me back also wanting a written report of the event.

At approximately 6:25pm my wife, kids and I got into our car and drove north to Monument Valley, UT hoping to witness the strange lights again. In the next hour or so, all we could see was about 10 airplanes flying throughout the Eastern and Northern skies. With nothing else exciting to see we headed back home.

Posted 2011-12-12

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