NUFORC Sighting 84358

Occurred: 2011-10-04 20:00 Local
Reported: 2011-10-06 00:32 Pacific
Duration: 4 to 5 minutes
No of observers: 6

Location: Independence, MO, USA

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object

Hovering triangular craft with many lights seen in the night sky.

I am a 56-year-old metalsmith, mother and grandmother. I have some college education, but no degees. I have lived in all over the USA but am currently residing in the area I was born in.

On October 4Th, 2011, around 8:00 pm, I was driving home from a day of running errands. As I drove down the street I live on, I glanced down another street that angles off at a Y intersection. Above our neighborhood clubhouse, I saw a mass of lights that were appeared to be stationary and about 200 to 500 feet above the building.

I stopped my car, backed up a few feet and turned down that street to see what it was. Of course I was thinking, 'It's a UFO!' 'No, it can't be.' 'Oh my gosh, it's a space ship!' I drove slowly as I looked at the mass of lights until I got almost directly under it. I could see the whole underside of the craft and it was enormous! I could see that it was a triangle-shaped craft with lights running parallel to the edges but about a foot away from them. The underside was slightly rounded and completely smooth. I couldn't see any openings or interruptions in it's smooth, Grey-black metallic surface. The lights were white, orange, red, green and blue and very bright. They weren't inset nor did they protrude. They seemed to be a part of the underneath, which appeared to be almost fluid, like mercury.

As I slowed down to a stop in the middle of the street, it suddenly rotated and then moved up and across the street at an angle. It was moving slowly enough that I could almost keep up with it, but I lost sight of it as I turned the corner. Just past the corner there was a small group of people running toward the next corner. One of the men yelled to me, "Did you see it?" I answered, "Yes!" He replied, "That was a freakin' spaceship!"

After slowing down at the stop sign, I followed the streets around toward my house and, as I turned back onto my street, I saw that it was moving right in front of me. It was then that I realized that my heart was pounding so hard that I could actually hear it. Then I noticed that the craft was going straight toward my house, but, for some reason, I wasn't afraid. I was in awe of it's enormous size and the fact that I was witnessing something so spectacular! As I approached my house, I realized that it had stopped again, this time just past my house, as if it was waiting for me. I pulled into the driveway and started honking the horn for my daughter to come outside and see it. I jumped out of the car and just as I was turning to run inside, it rotated and then darted over the trees, up and away so fast that it disappeared completely within a second. I was almost to the front door when I realized that I forgot to turn the car off or even shut the door. My purse was still inside it so I ran back, gathered my things, turned the engine off and ran inside to tell my daughter. I'm still not sure if she believed me, even though my heart was still pounding really fast and hard and I was talking so fast she could barely understand me. I went back outside to see if the other people who saw it were still heading down toward my house, but they were gone. I couldn't find them and I don't know which house they lived in or if they were even ne! ighbors or visitors. I couldn't imagine going door to door asking if anyone had seen the UFO. I did ask my immediate neighbors but they were either gone or not looking outside at the time it appeared. I later watched the local news but there was no mention of it.

It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in my life! It was not any kind of aircraft I have ever seen. I have been online reading about new aircraft designs all day and can't find anything that looks in any way like what I saw. I also can't find any articles about aircraft that have been developed to move the way this space craft did; nothing that rotates before it moves away or hovers, even though it was as big as three large houses. It was totally silent and very fluid in it's movements. It really doesn't matter to me if anyone else believes that I saw a UFO because I know what I saw and it wasn't of this earth.

As I think back about the incident, I realize that I was drawn to it in a strange way. The fear I expected to have was non-existent and was replaced by excitement and awe. I almost didn't have a choice of whether I drove away from it or straight toward it and, when it was gone, I somehow knew it wasn't coming back anytime soon. I didn't even think about driving around looking for it to appear somewhere else because I just knew it was gone. I had seen what I was supposed to see. It had fulfilled it's mission. Those were the feelings it left me with. But why did I need to see it? What happened to the other people I spoke to? They ran about a half mile from where I first saw them and yet, when I went back outside less than a minute later, they were gone. Where did they go? Isn't it human nature to stand around talking about something so unusual? Yet none of this seemed strange to me two nights ago when it happened. This has changed me forever. Even though I've always believed t! here is life on other planets, this made it much more real than I could have imagined!

Posted 2011-10-10

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