NUFORC Sighting 84297

Occurred: 2011-10-01 20:30 Local
Reported: 2011-10-03 07:57 Pacific
Duration: 90 sec
No of observers: 1

Location: Palatine, IL, USA

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Lights on object, Changed Colo

Orange and Red light

As I walked to tend a fire, I looked up and to the East noticing how bright, big and clear Jupiter appeared. I played in the fire for about a minute and looked up to peek at Jupiter again.

I looked up to see an orange light moving at me from the East, approx. 10 -20 times the size of Jupiter, or a small pea at arms length. It then shifted color to a pretty red, back to orange, then back to red. I say “shifted”; it did not blink, just changed color in a relaxed manor, about every second. Pretty cool. I was very excited at this point, I finally was witnessing some orange lights. They seem to be quite prevalent in many reports, lately.

The light kind of meandered slightly, did not seem as if it had a constant speed (about that of a single engine plane), or a consistent direction. It was difficult to really focus on, a few times I found myself playing with my vision through my bi-focals, because it seemed like I should be able to focus a little better on it. This light had no sound attributed to it, and appeared to be about as far from me as a single engine aircraft. I would put it’s altitude at about 2500 feet.

The light slowly meandered to a more southerly direction. Now looking SE at the light, the pulsing color began to have some white for a couple of pulses, then back to O and R. It then began to dim quickly, to about the size of a star, then just faded away, heading South.

I had made a report in February of ’07, witnessed a number of interesting occurrences until August ‘07 that I just didn’t report; many other reports and in my mind there is something to all of this, I’m already convinced, but this was so interesting and seems to be very prominent now, I figured I would add this report.

Eyes to the sky, folks. Never any sound, if you are not looking, you’d never know. If I would have played in the fire for another 30 seconds, I would have missed this. Thanks.

Note: I live 20 or so miles NW of O’hare airport. I have craft over my house constantly, and numerous pilot friends, always looking up when I can. This was nothing of the ordinairy.

Posted 2011-10-10

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