NUFORC Sighting 81067

Occurred: 2011-04-13 19:15 Local
Reported: 2011-05-01 07:14 Pacific
Duration: About 25 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Detroit, MI, USA

Shape: Rectangle

Rectangular object hovering over downtown Detroit-Windsor area during daylight hours.

On the evening of Wednesday, April 13th, 2011, at several minutes after 7pm, I left a friend’s home in Taylor, near the crossing of Telegraph Rd. and Van Born St. It did not take me long to get back to the highway from her house, after only a very short trip on main roads, a quick gas fill-up at the pump using my card, and then a lengthy stop at a red light, which I suspect puts the sighting at around 7:10 to 7:20 when it began, and lasted for approximately 20-25 minutes in full, though it was not completely visible for me that entire time.

I drive a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire, and my sketches include features from my perspective while sitting in my vehicle. I was driving alone with a cell phone which was packed away in a bag in my passenger seat, and because my dashboard clock does not work, I was unsure of the exact time. I have no camera phone or other recording device, so I had to document and sketch it from memory. To my knowledge, there were no other witnesses, although other people were driving on the same road and able to see the same thing, though none seemed to notice.

On eastbound I-94 in metro Detroit, near the Southfield Highway intersection, while the interstate is significantly above ground level enough to see the object hovering near the horizon, I caught sight of what I first believed was a banner of some sort, like those trailing behind airplanes (aerial advertising). Then I realized that this object’s relative position to me and lack of motion meant that there was no plane tugging a banner along, and I surely couldn’t spot a plane of any form near the object. As I continued to drive, I had to fight with looking over or past other obstacles to my vision while still driving at high speeds during traffic; I did well with this, and there was luckily no danger involved during this period of time. As I think back on it, I only wish I would have had the foresight to pull off the interstate to a main road where the object was still visible, and to watch it as long as I could. However, I never came to the conclusion that I was the only eyewitness to this object, and surely I would see some news of it when I arrived home. If I had the chance again, I would watch it until it left my sight on its own.

As I got better and better glances at the object, I continued to move along the highway, making my way for I-75, my ultimate route back home. At one point, I was angled so that it was visible in my passenger-side window in my direct view, with no obstacles, and showing me clearly that it was not attached to anything, and it was unlike anything I had previously seen or ever heard about here on Earth. Though I was clearly astonished at the sight of it, I was intent on getting back home, and though I was continuously debunking my own skeptical ideas of what Earthly craft this could be, I was instinctively sure that someone somewhere was getting press coverage of this event at that very moment, and I should get home and watch the news on TV and the net. Later, when I arrived home, I learned there was no news, no sightings on the TV or internet, and wished I would have taken action then.

Because I have seen tethered balloons used as advertising, I even thought maybe it could be something like that, but the better glances I got, the more and more skeptical of my own skepticism I became.

Having the object in my sights at several points on I-94, I wasn’t quite sure of where it was, or how far away it was, and therefore – how large the object might have been. It was very difficult to discern its exact size and location, and only after looking at a Google Map of the area was I able to determine approximately where it could have been located. Based on those figures, I would guess the craft could have been anywhere from 300 feet to a mile or more in width, and about one-quarter that in height. If I had ever seen a rectangular blimp (an object that could hover for extended periods of time, such as this object did), I would believe this could be a blimp, but the whole concept of a rectangular aerial craft defies the use of aerodynamics used in the craft’s design in order to adequately fly the thing around during an event – this object was clearly rectangular or perhaps even more of a parallelogram, but it had relatively angular and obvious corners, with two pair! s of parallel sides. When I first spotted the object, I could have sworn it was angled diagonally, making me think it was a banner being pulled by an airplane, though it could have been the curvature of my windshield, since I was looking between the windshield and the passenger-side window, leaning back and forward, ducking my head down and then trying to peer over – all because it was positioned somewhat behind the car frame bar between those two windows, giving me a pretty precise angle of my first sighting of it, as well as future angles.

After I merged on to northbound I-75, I could see the object still in my rear-view and side mirrors, though my curving driving motion made it difficult to keep in my sight at all times. Then, while on a straight path on the interstate, I got a very clear sighting of it in my rear-view mirror, as well as my side mirror, both separately for several seconds, enough to pinpoint a general location relative to my own position. I have included drawings of these perspectives in my report, showing the object as it was situated in my view in both mirrors.

It was still rather bright daylight outside, with the low sun nearly set, and making the colors of the sky begin to be more vibrant, giving off rosy pink tones and yellow hued light on most things reflecting it. There were no stars visible yet, and the sky was not really dark enough for them in any location. There were few clouds, and the ones present were very far away and thin, not having much mass or density. No other objects appeared as solid and obvious as this one. I could see no Earthly craft, such as planes, helicopters, or jets. When I first glimpsed the object it was positioned in a location where it was made somewhat darker, appearing as a muted magenta or deep reddish mauve, and by the time it was positioned clearly in my window it had brightened because of the sun’s light, falling on it and the rest of the horizon.

In my side window is where I caught the best glimpse of the object, and is the view I remembered when making my color renditions. I mostly remember how the light reflected off it: it was solid, a different color than the sky, and reflected the colors of the sunset and sky, though not as if it were “shiny” so much as it was solid and had mass that caught the unique sky colors. It did not seem to have any writings, markings, or other significant or relevant identifiers, and it not produce light, phenomena, or effects such as that. I cannot be sure if it was silent or audible, since I was driving in a car.

In full, the sites where/when the object was visible were around the Southfield Highway/I-94 intersection, for several miles, and then it was no longer visible because of the elevation of the highway for a large portion of the remaining distance to I-75. However, it began to be visible again as I could overlook the city of Detroit from the ramp between I-94 E and I-75 N. By the time I was heading north on I-75, it was visible in my mirrors. I have attached a map that I got using Google Maps and adding in where I was located when I spotted the object. Though I placed myself after Southfield Highway on my trip when I first spotted it, when I took another trip on the same route to be sure of my sighting locations, I realized that it may have been before I passed this intersection that I remember being one of my landmarks. After driving on I-75 for some distance, I was considering getting off the highway and parking somewhere I might be able to view the object, but by that ! time I had a difficult time trying to see it, and figured it best to simply make it home and watch the news. That was about 1-2 miles before the Davison Freeway (M-8, I believe), ending my active sighting. I never stayed to see what the craft did, where it went, etc. I now wish I would have parked to stay and watch it as adamantly as I did while driving on the road.

The object did not seem to move, or moved incredibly slowly as if hovering, and though I could not be sure of its absolute motion or stillness due to my own driving motion, I can easily say that it did not change locations much based on the angles at which I could view it – it must have been hovering or moving incredibly slowly for an extended period of time, and no airplane could have done what it did. As shown in one of my sketches, I broke down to myself why it could not be an airplane (with a banner or without), a simple helicopter, a military helicopter, or simple blimp, and was left with no options to my knowledge. After extensive discussion with others as to what I could have been witnessing, the discussions have only proven to show me more ways in which the object that I witnessed was operating and was constructed unlike anything known to myself or the general public. If it’s man-made, it isn’t publicly accessible.

A friend of mine suggested that perhaps it was a Harrier jet (sp?) because they are capable of flying in one relative position for a short period, however another friend of mine who was in the US army in Iraq for three years said that that kind of jet would never hang out in one position for as long as I described, and would use a lot of fuel just to do that, while also making a loud noise that I would have heard even over my vehicle’s engine. Lastly, though a jet is angular, this object did not have enough angles to make it a jet – only four angles, and they were simple corners. Another friend supported my blimp theory by saying that that evening was the first night of the Red Wings play-offs, and could have been a blimp used to record the area from an aerial view.

I waited to write this report in order to do some decent sketches and digital renditions of what I witnessed. Having finished them but still seeing no coverage of the object on local media, I was about to give up my urges to report it and move on to other issues in life. Then I saw this article ( which described an object spotted in Texas that sounded as if it appeared similar to what I saw here in my own state. After realizing that this thing may have made a re-appearance elsewhere, I knew I had to reveal my sighting to the world the right way.

Posted 2011-05-02

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