NUFORC Sighting 80971

Occurred: 2010-11-13 01:10 Local
Reported: 2011-04-22 07:36 Pacific
Duration: 10 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Ranchi (India), , India

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Emitted other objects, Changed Colo

it was about 1 am in the midnight.after my studies i was about to sleep. i usually study late at night so u can remove considerations like hallucinations, or anything like that.

when i looked out at the window i saw a one orb flying from the opposite side of my house. then suddenly it stopped and broke into pieces. then suddenly these pieces started to rotate anomalously around each other and then again joined.i couldn't believe on my eyes what i was seeing. then suddenly those pieces joined and it returned back on its completely shaked off my skepticism.

A few nights later i saw an even bizzare was so real that i often think wether i am not suffering from sleep my dream i saw three people wearing black robes ,black coats,with black hoods.i couldn't see their was so real because i saw that i was on my bed and these people were standing right near my feet.then i started fighting with one of them and they stopped me and said that they are here to help me.then they started telling me that it all started during the THIRD REICH.THEY TOLD ME ABOUT THE WANDERWAFFEN.HITLER HAD PLANS TO MAKE AN ATOM BOMB VERY DIFFERENT FROM THE CONVENTIONAL ONE . THEY TOLD ME THAT WHEN THIS UNIVERSE WAS CREATED THEIR WERE RADIOACTIVE ELEMENTS FAR MORE HEAVIER THAN PLUTONIUM.HITLER PLANNED TO SOMEHOW GET HANDS ON SUCH ELEMENT TO CREATE THE ULTIMATE ATOM BOMB. HE WAS TRYING TO DEVELOP A TIME MACHINE TO GO BACK IN TIME AND GET ON IT. THEY TOLD ME THAT THEIR ARE STILL SOME NAZI BASTARDS TRYING TO FULLFILL HITLERS DREAM. THEY TOLD ME THAT HITLER WAS SOMEHOW NOT ABLE TO DO SO BECAUSE OF THEIR INTERFIERENCE. I REALLY DON'T KNOW WHETHER MY DREAM IS TRUE OR NOT BUT I AM SURE THAT UFOS DO REALLY EXIST! I AM NOT LYING.

Posted 2011-05-02

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