NUFORC UFO Sighting 79540

Occurred: 2011-01-04 22:25 Local
Reported: 2011-01-05 14:48 Pacific
Duration: 15 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Felton, DE, USA

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object

Three triangular objects with rotating, colored lights appear in the western night sky over a mid-Atlantic town.

On January 4, 2011, at approximately 21:00 hours, I was looking at the eastern sky. It was a very clear evening; there was no overcast at all. I noticed 3-4 triangular objects in the sky, which I believed were stars at first, but then I noticed that all of them were triangular. Obviously, stars are not triangular in shape, and I thought it very odd.

That same evening, at approximately 22:25 hours, I witnessed three (3) objects in the western sky. Each was triangular, although no structure was visible, with the exception of three colored lights in the form of a triangle.

Object #1 was on the left, or southernmost side of the group. It was fairly high in the sky … a minimum of 10,000 to 15,000 feet. From that altitude, I could only detect three (3) lights, which were white in color.

Object #2, was in the center of the group, and was very low, approximately 5,000 feet. This object was the most visible; its 3 lights were rotating in a circular fashion and flashing colors of red, white and yellow.

Object #3 was to the right of the group, or northernmost. It was about the same altitude as the Object #1, and its three (3) lights appeared to be white in color.

I watched the three objects for approximately 15 minutes. All of them were hovering in place, and there was no sound or engine noise whatsoever. Object #2, in center position, continued to visibly rotate its three lights in colors of red, white and yellow.

As I watched, Object #3, on the right side of the group (northernmost) began to depart the group and moved in an easterly direction. It moved at the pace of a fast moving aircraft. However, I noticed that there were no strobe/blinking lights, as is customary in domestic aircraft. And, again, there was no engine noise at all.

Approximately 10 seconds later, Object #1, on the left (southernmost), moved out as well, in the same easterly direction and at the same speed as Object #3. It appeared to be following behind Object #3.

Approximately 10 seconds later, Object #2, in the center position, which had been at an extremely low altitude, moved upwards very quickly; it was almost as if it was transported in seconds to approximately the same altitude as Objects #1 and #3. When it attained the higher altitude, it also moved to the east, following Objects #3 and #1.

I was unable to follow the trajectory of these objects because I elected to phone the State Police at this point (approximately 22:40 hours). When I returned, the objects were nowhere in sight. I did, however, notice that there were the same 3-4 triangular objects in the eastern sky as I had witnessed earlier, at approximately 21:00 hours. There was no way for me to know if the three objects I had seen leave the western sky were the same as those I had previously seen at 21:00 hours and again at about 23:00 hours in the eastern sky.

I did receive a visit by the State Police, but they simply laughed the whole thing off and began questioning how long I had been living alone. In all, it was a very upsetting experience.

There was one observer, myself. I have a background as a 22 year career professional Project Manager for a Fortune 500 Company. My expertise was in Corporate Tax, Telecommunications and Quality Control.


We spoke with witness, and do not know what it was she witnessed. Our first surmise was that she may have been looking at "twinkling" stars, but she assured us that stars were not the objects she was looking at. We encouraged her to draw an illustration of the pattern of stars around the objects of interest, and then check the same areas of the night sky again on the next night. We cannot be certain what it was she witnessed. PD

Posted 2011-01-05

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