NUFORC UFO Sighting 75630

Occurred: 2009-10-28 19:30 Local
Reported: 2010-05-31 16:40 Pacific
Duration: 20 minutes
No of observers: 0

Location: Santa Clarita County (126 freeway), CA, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object, Electrical or magnetic effects

I witness the teleportation of an alien spacecraft, as well as the soarce of this technology in action.

I was traveling East on the 126 freeway with no other cars around me. There was no moon in the sky and the area is a farming valley so except for my headlights there was no other sources of light in the area. I happened to look to the Eastern horizon and slightly north when I noticed four red lights in the sky in a diamond shaped pattern hanging what appeared to be approximately 200-300 feet above the Northern mountain range. Although these lights were in the distance I wasn’t sure at the time what they truly were. These lights were stationary and were constant at all times.

As I continued to drive East I was beginning to notice that I was becoming aware that I was getting closer to these lights in the sky. Growing up around an airport most of my life I knew an airplane or helicopter when I seen one, such as a strobe light on such craft. These lights always kept the same distance telling me that they were on a craft and were apparently on one side of this craft, but because of the extreme darkness in the area I couldn’t tell you what this craft look like. For the next 20 minutes I continues to see this light pattern in the sky.

As I approached an area of this freeway, where the freeway would now turn to go around portions of the Northern mountain side that came towards the valley floor I could not see the lights due to my view being block. As I came around the curve in the road, out of thin area four large orbs of light appeared over a little mountain right in front my view. These lights were large, as large as a house, and were of white light with speckles of grey within the orb. Each orb had a halo surrounding it in what was the same color as lighting yellow and lit up the top of this mountain, which had a power line tower on top of it,. These orbs were also in a diamond shape configuration. Although I had my radio on in the car I could hear an electrical discharge as they appeared. Within a second or two from appearing they quickly disappeared back into thin air. I’ll tell you that I was keeping my eyes on the road and trying to make sense of way I had just appeared and disappeared in front of m! e. As I cleared this part of the road and was traveling due East again and looked to the Eastern horizon and slightly North again. Now I was approaching two sets of four red lights in the sky in a diamond shaped pattern side by side. I opened my window and notice no sound from the air as I drove past these lights in the sky.

I couldn’t talk to anyone about this incident for two days because I was trying to process what I had witnessed that night. I finally came to the conclusion that I had witness teleportation of an alien spacecraft. I had witness alien technology in action.

After a while I began to tell people who I have known for at least several years about this event, including an older woman who was a widow. As I told her this story, she told me her husband was a fighter pilot in WWII in the pacific theater. He had spoke to her several times that while flying in daylight he saw a black disc object in the air with him which had four red lights on the back end of this craft in a diamond shaped pattern. When he tried to fly towards this craft, the ship would race away from his plane.

Posted 2010-06-03

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