NUFORC UFO Sighting 74773

Occurred: 2010-03-23 23:41 Local
Reported: 2010-03-23 21:37 Pacific
Duration: 10 sec
No of observers: 1

Location: Oregon, OH, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object

cloaked craft with 3 dim tail lights silently passes over house.

At 23:41 exactly, I walked out of the back door of my house to go for a midnight jog. As I shut the door and looked up into the clear sky, I was shocked to observe something I can not explain. In the sky to my 11 'o clock traveling from west to east was a blurred almost invisible formation, only one; with what looked to be three tailing lights [tail lights?]. The lights were dim and blurred/covered partially as if what ever was making the rest of the craft [invisible] was having trouble or could not fully cloak the three tail lights. I know that this craft in fact was not invisible because as it traveled off at about a couple hundred feet above tree line, it blurred the stars it passed under from my point of view. I only saw the craft for what seemed to be a full ten seconds and in that 10 seconds the unknown craft covered 25 degrees of the sky from over my head towards the eastern sky, but I did notice there was no sound at all in the sky's at the time it w! as passing. I could not make out the actual full shape of the craft. Again I want to add this was a clear night sky with all stars visible in a suburban neighborhood with calm to no wind.

Posted 2010-04-13

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