NUFORC UFO Sighting 73647

Occurred: 2009-12-06 01:10 Local
Reported: 2009-12-10 21:21 Pacific
Duration: 3 min.
No of observers: 1

Location: Auburn, WA, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object, Changed Colo

Two low flying craft flying very slowly over HWY 167 southbound, one with two white blinking lights second two green lights

In the early morning hour of approximately 0110 on December 6th 2009 I was traveling northbound on interstate 167 just north of highway 18 when I saw the first of two low flying lighted objects both appearing to be stationary over the interstate at an estimated altitude of 1000 feet.

The first object or lights appeared to be a couple miles ahead of me and my view consisted of two unusually large and bright white lights beside each other, index finger at arm length barely covered it. My first thought was that I was seeing lights on top of a tower in the distance because the two lights were blinking one then the other at a slow pace and were brighter than I have ever viewed on an aircraft. As I got closer, within one quarter of mile I realized that there was nothing underneath the lights. The lights were intensely bright still slowly flashing in the same pattern. I eventually drove directly under the lights and was unable to make out the shape of the object in the darkness but did notice smaller flashing lights underneath the two bright lights. The lights under the object were flashing much faster and appeared to be different colors, red, green and white. The lights all appeared to be stationary.

The second object or lights were approximately one quarter of a mile farther as I continued northbound on interstate 167. Just as the first object or lights initially appeared as two very large bright lights side by side so did the second with exception that the two lights were not blinking at any time and were bright green. The green lights appeared to be stationary over the interstate at the same altitude as the first. As I continued northbound I eventually drove under it and again noticed smaller quickly flashing colored light beneath this one and was unable again to discern the actual shape of the abject. As I was about to drive under it my car was approached by two other cars that came from behind me and both sped past as if they had not even seen the very large low flying intensely bright green lights which I found very odd as the lights were so brilliant I found it hard to look away and had slowed my rate of speed to continue watching them.

After passing the second object or lights I decided to take the next exit which was the first exit in Tukwila in an attempt to take a front road that I noticed back to view the lights approximately a minute or so later and realized that I could no longer see either of them anymore. There were simply no lights of any kind to be seen at this point.


The person who submitted this report is well known to NUFORC, and we know her to be a highly reliable source of accurate information. We do not know what she witnessed, but we strongly suspect that the facts outlined above are quite accurate. We spoke via telephone with the witness, during which she underscored the dramatic nature of the sighting. PD

Posted 2009-12-12

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