NUFORC Sighting 72835

Occurred: 1974-01-24 00:00 Local
Reported: 2009-10-13 20:30 Pacific
Duration: 1 hour
No of observers: 4

Location: Pawtucket, RI, USA

Shape: Disk

I reported the UFO sighting in Pawtucket R.I.of 1974 that you have on your website. My sister and my brother would like to get a interview to talk about the craft in secret to protect our identity. There is more to that experience that I felt I should share the rest of it now to your organization. I left out the part to my abduction into the craft My father still owns that house property with the 3 door flat top garage. I was hoping if some how a team of your investigatrs can go and do a radio active reading on the roof. The orginal beams our still in place supported by beams of wood my father had anchored to the damaged ones from the ufo landing. Now here comes the shocking abduction story. I was brought into the craft by two small aliens that stood at my eye level but with such strong strenght they shoved me into a room with a metalic table off to the side of the small room. The lights in the room had a blue silvery incandescent glow. A Female alien try to set me at ease by communicating to me not by speech. I know this sounds off the wall but by telecommunication that we've seen in science fiction movies. She said that they came from another world unknown to us and they plan on not hurting me but would like to perform some quick test's on me, I was frighented and tryed not to look at her large grey piercing eye's. She said please disrobe from your clothing and I shook my head in fright. It was icy cold in the craft it felt as if I was in the cold outside in the snow. Then from behind her another alien came walking in and he seemed to be a little angry in the fact that I was still in my winter coat and clothing and was not yet even placed on the metal table for what ever they had in mind. The female alien then said. look what you have done BoBo is now angry at me allowing you to waste precious time. BoBo the alien who seems to be in charge looked at her angerly and said why did you reveal my name to this human ! boy. She quickly than appologized and said look what you've d! one he i s now angry again at me. He walked over to me and she said he is only a small boy he will not remember your name. Getting away from this ufo encounter from that day on anytime I heard the name bozo or hobo I would feel a chill go up my spine until later on in life I remembered his name and realized why. I noticed in the craft a engraved picture of a whale on it and it seemed to relaxed my mind a little because everything else in the craft looked alien to me and not reconizable. Bobo noticing I was transfixed on the whale asked me telepathically do you know what that is a picture of I nodded no in fright looking at his taller slender body with a large bulbus head because I was to scared to make conversation with any of them. He laughed and said when I was your age I had already the intelliegence of five of your highly respected scientists. The female alien then interrupted him and said that's not true. You had the intellegence of 2 of their respected scientists. That i! s true, maybe I am not giving your kind to much credit because I find you humans to be so ignorant and primitive you have so much to learn about your planet and about yourselves. All this what you call war towards others. He noticed that I started to look puzzled and stopped talking about what he thought of humans. He than pointed to the picture and said that is a blue whale. That is the symbol we use to identify your planet here in the milky way galaxie. These whales when they communicate to one another in your blue ocean can be heard millions of light years away to our planet. Their sound waves travel up onto iceburgs working like a radio wave and reached us millions of years ago and we followed the sounds here to your planet. I am getting tiered typing this e-mail now and will wait to see if you would like a interview where I can share a whole lot more. I must say I am glad the goverment keeps all ufo information hidden because what I saw can be mind bottling and! scary for most humans that our weak minded citizens could cau! se great stress in how humans think and excell in life knowing that their our intelligent beings way more advanced then us but the good thing is we have God and that is another subject I will talk about. One quick data I did some reasurch and believe the craft I was abducted in was the ufo that crashed in Chihuahua, Mexico on 8/25/1974. It has the same discription that I reported and learned of this craft this year watching the new tv show on the History channel UFO Encounters.


We have no way to certify that this report is either sincere, or accurate. PD

Posted 2009-12-12

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