NUFORC Sighting 72101

Occurred: 2009-09-05 21:15 Local
Reported: 2009-09-06 00:14 Pacific
Duration: 25 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Bangor, ME, USA

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aircraft nearby

Small star-like white light seen 3 separate times, seach time changing direction, travelling straight, and ascending until out of view.

I was outside having a smoke staring at the sky when I suddenly noticed a small moving point of light up in the sky that would have looked like a star had it been stationary. It moved through the sky in a pretty straight path though it did deviate from it's path slight at times. Twice, it quickly skipped forward at 45 degree angles. I will say that I saw the light three separate times so I have no way of knowing if it was the same light three times or individual lights.

There were a two separate airplanes in the sky during my sighting which gave a good point of reference. The planes had flashing lights and were much closer as the lights were much larger than the tiny points of moving lights that I saw. While the planes were clearly much closer, the light moved across the sky several times faster than the planes.

The first time I saw the light it was flying to the North through the sky and as it flew over my house, it slowed gradually as the light grew smaller until I could no longer see it. It gave the impression that it quickly angled upwards to an altitude at which the light could no longer be seen but I can't be sure.

I stayed, watching the sky, and 10 minutes later it reappeared in much the same way that it had disappeared, horizontally, further to the right going the opposite direction it had been going initially. It traveled across the sky going to the South in the same way as before and disappeared again exactly as it had the first time.

5 minutes later, it reappeared the same way a third time further to the North, having changed directions to the North yet again. It traveled and disappeared in the same way again. I waited for 10 more minutes to see if it would return and I did not see it again. Each of the three sightings lasted approximately 15-25 seconds.

I did see a small meteor though which was CLEARLY different; it was very bright and only visible for a fraction of a second.

Posted 2009-12-12

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